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Because, if a clay courter can win Wimbledon sometimes, but a grass courter can never win it when the best clay courter is around, then clay courts favor Nadal much more than grass courts favor Federer, which would mean that Federer has been able to win more slams even without the advantage of courts that only work for him. Then, by logic, the more Nadal wins Wimbledon, the more Federer gets even. I know, that sucks, but I couldn't think of anything else.


Rafa winning W17 will be at the cost of his health - his knees and other parts of his body. Consequently, he will be losing to Federer much much more after bagging W17, allowing Federer to pull even the H2H etc.


"If you agree pain is a FAR greater motivator than pleasure, who then is most likely to win another Slam? Federer or Nadal?
Aren't the two so far beyond the regular matrix that inserts logic into winning another Slam that it now boils down to who wants it more?"
Answer here: http://www.tennisplanet.me/blog/2016/12/if-you-agree-pain-is-a-far-greater-motivator-than-pleasure-who-then-is-most-likely-to-win-another-sl.html


Rafa wins Wimbledon, Fed cries, Rafa feels bad, and lets Fed win a few majors. Like 2009 post-AO?

Tennis Planet

HINT: US Open.


Because then Nadal's chance of winning the US Open goes down, which increases Federer's chances there, and that means all Federer has to do is alter his PED regime to peak at next year's Wimbledon, since uncle Toni will not be around anymore.


I'm not changing my answer, adding or subtracting anything from it, and the US Open hint fits perfectly. It's your own theory. Will need to be very, very creative to offer a different theory while not contradicting this one.


TP's theory has to this: Based on this year's results so far, Federer owns Nadal now. If Nadal dares to steal W because of Fed's wrong summer strategy, then Federer will make sure to resume beating of Nadal on American hard courts including UO.

Tennis Planet

Correct answer:

If Nadal had won 2017 Wimbledon, likelihood of him bagging 2017 US Open may have gone up fairly realistically. If Nadal had won US Open too, Federer would have denied Nadal the Calendar Slam - as pay back.


What grotesque logic . Only TP can come up with these insidious thoughts and giving Rafa 3 slams in a year.


Ah yes, a worthy WoF! But, it does contradict the "pain" theory ...


It's getting weirder and weirder.

TP, lets say Rafa won Wimbledon 2017 and is now in the final of the USO, playing anybody, let's say Murray. Is Federer rooting for Rafa and no.17 just to feel chuffed he denied Rafa the Grand Slam or is he rooting for Murray and the number to stay at 16?




Well Alpha, if you've been "reading" this website, he clearly roots for Rafa because not only does it mean he denied him the calendar slam he also denied him the second career grand slam!!!


And he should keep doing it every year. Win the AO and hope Rafa wins the rest. The revenge gets seeetet and sweeter.



Or, he lets Rafa win AO, RG and W and then simply wins USO. This can easily be accomplished by using a smaller racket at the first 3 and then switching to a bigger stick for USO.


Or if he really wants revenge, he should win the FO and let Rafa win the other 3. That will make Rafa really miserable.

TP is a genius.

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