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Out of respect for WoF, I will try a few things here, maybe the conversation will pick up. So, it's their best slam, at which both did better than their key rivals, Sampras for Andre, Federer for Novak (on hard courts).

Gary Moser

It's their "best Slam" in terms of percentage of where their total Slam wins came from:

50% of Andre's --- 4 of his ending total of 8

50% of Novak's --- 6 of his current total of 12


This is their home. Like Rafa at RG and Fed at Wimby.

Mircea Bumbesti

The Tennis Hall of Shame and the 3 Biggest Losers: McEnroe, Wilander , and Becker. Frustrated beings; never lived up to their potential; realized too late how important tennis was to their life and how they were nobodies without tennis; became commentators and began playing the Senior's tours; envious, petty, and spiteful. May they rest in peace, once and for all. Embarrassing to see them on a court at exhibitions. Retired players with dignity and class that belong to the Hall of Fame: Lendl, Edberg. Players who retired with dignity: Connors and Roddick. I mean McEnroe and Wilander are dying to have a player ask them to be their coach, especially McEnroe. There's got to be a reason no one has :) LOSERS


not only their best slam, but also the slam both Djokovic and Agassi had advantage over the goats (Sampras and Federer) at the time.

Tennis Planet



Congrats Gary!

I failed to type "and" so it wasn't clear that's exactly what I meant in addition to the other part of my answer. But I was injured, mostly between my ears :) The Wall of Fame season needs to be shorter ...


You sure it's not Veglia? I thought the only two sure things were Rafa at the French and Veglia at the WOF.

Gary Moser

Really. An upset of Stakhovskyan proportions!!!

[ "Blind Pig...meet Acorn" ]


Hehe! More a case of the missing “and”


That's it, I'm hiring Pepe Imas to heal me!


Dear TP,

This is the upset of decade. You should have announced it in a more prominent way. Though Gary has had potential to cause this Veglia's speed and accuracy has been light years ahead of pack.



TP, can we please restore the order of things and have another WOF ASAP. Something along the lines of "What is the real reason that Federer is wearing pink?" The sort of contest that Veglia has turned into his personal playground.

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