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Gary Moser

Per the following article:


We have: "While Djokovic said the player council had "extensively" talked to ATP players,
Rafael Nadal complained at the Australian Open that he had not been consulted. At Indian Wells, Nadal said
council member Kevin Anderson had contacted him but the two had not spoken because Anderson had been injured."

And then we have: "Okay. It goes both ways, right," said Djokovic. "If they wanted to talk about something,
they could also approach me to talk about something. I talked with Rafa in September, also in November."



TP : fodder to fire up rather insipid men's tennis game:


Gary Moser

Bruno Soares, defending the way the he and his fellow Player Representatives on The Council handled this:

"So we cannot always find everyone. Me and Jamie represent from 1st to 100th in doubles. Imagine running after 100 (players)"

Ummm...how about imagining running after --- at the very least --- the TWO MOST IMPORTANT PLAYERS IN THE SPORT, Bruno?


NCR Tennis Podcast Episode 226: Nick Kyrgios no challenges remaining



Nick is burning bridges everywhere! Today in Rome and this piece in the Post. But you have to laugh in spite of how rudely he describes his opponents because the honesty, if not necessary, is rather hilarious.


Gary  Lee  Moser

This isn't Nick-specific, but...

What if someone exudes total "honesty"...but they're just FREAKING WRONG?

Still "hilarious"? Or even to be admired?

[ Hitler? ]

Gary  Lee  Moser


Gary  Lee  Moser


01 - Venus & Serena

03 - Pete & Andre

08 - Rafa & Novak

09 - Roger & Novak

10 - Roger & Rafa



Gary  Lee  Moser




Rafa vs reporter

Gary  Lee  Moser




Since Stan wasn't the top seed at these tournaments, I'm sure this isn't a surprise to anyone, but I still think it's worth looking at.


Gary  Lee  Moser


01 versus 03 in Slam Finals Won

04 versus 01 in Slam Finals Lost [ Note: 4 of Roddick's 5 Slam Final appearances were against Federer, whereas none of Wawrinka's 4 were ]

05 versus 05 in Slam Semi-Finals Lost

09 versus 07 in Slam Quarter-Finals Lost

05 versus 01 in Masters Series 1000 Finals Won

04 versus 03 in Masters Series 1000 Finals Lost

11 versus 05 in Masters Series 1000 Semi-Finals Lost

15 versus 14 in Masters Series 1000 Quarter-Finals Lost

09 versus 05 number of times ranked in the Top Ten at year-end

Both have never won the YEC or been to the Final; both have 3 Semi-Final losses

Both have been members of one winning Davis Cup team


Better than average podcast with Roger and David Remnick.



after the US Open ended Bianca had to do her media day -- traipsing around to speak to the minor celebs who would get ratings by having her on. Meanwhile Rafa must have ended his match by 10pm Sunday after which there would be media, ice bath, dope test --- yet he was posting pics of himself back in Majorca by early afternoon Monday. So , he can take the money and run yet others cannot.

BTW I will be in Majorca next Tuesday and one place I won't visit on my tour is his academy -- though I used to like watching Moya

Gary  Lee  Moser




Rafa got married. Pics please. Especially the dress !!


there is a limerick poem by Edward Lear called The Old Man with a Beard. I always think of it when I see Benoit Paire

There was an Old Man with a beard,
Who said, "It is just as I feared! --
Two Owls and a Hen,
Four Larks and a Wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard.”


Federer gets himself on a coin in Switzerland



HA! Stella I was just coming here to post this. And of course he's hitting the backhand




this is an old one for sure. Merry Christmas all.

T'was the night before Christmas and through our Tennis Planet house,
Not a creature was posting,
No-one using their mouse.
Tourney dates were marked on our calendars with care,
In hopes that the new season soon would be there.
The Planeteers were all tucked up in their beds,
while visions of Grand Slams danced in their heads.
And TP in his basement and me safe in mine,
I had just settled down to a glass of red wine,
When from the laptop arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.
Away to the computer I flew in a flash,
Hit the space bar and enter then comma, dash, dash.
When on my flickering screen should appear,
a miniature sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer.
With a little old driver so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be Saint Nick.
More rapid than eagles his greetings they came
he whistled and shouted and called us by name:

To Chieko San and also to Jenny

We miss you both, your friends here are many.

To Serran,To Banti ,to Murph and to Sperry

To Clifford, to Dee to Gracie and Jill

To Mordecai, DSG, M, O, and Ricke,

To Rafafan,Chipnputt,to Bonnee and Claire,

To Librio,Bluechyll,to Leon and Sir V,

To Someoneelse,Avidtennisfan, Bonnie and Rick,

To Bjornino,Bettyjane,Leon and Humble,

To Adrian, Growltiger,Barbara, and Raj.

To Imaginaryband, To Serene and to Carolee

To Dominic Anderson who gets a line to himself

To Nelson, to Anna, to Bunnee and Manal

To Andrew ,Growltiger, Barbara and Raj

To Veglia, MHM , DK Vr, Alex and Alpha

To Manon and Xeres and Sargeant Alex

To Nick ,Garry Moser , and also to Bella

Oh, he certainly was a talkative fella.

Then he sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
and away they all flew like the down on a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight.
Happy Christmas to you all.
And to all a good night



As it is a new year of tennis can I suggest that Planeteers give others some idea of who thrills and who chills in the tennis world. No statistics or head to heads but who do you like watching and who do you not. There are 6 categories, 6 men you enjoy, 6 men you don't want to watch or follow. Same for the womeen. Final is 6 men who you liked but are now retired and 6 women you liked who are retired.
I'll begin,
6 men I enjoy and would pay to watch. Federer. Pospisil. Shapovalov.Dimitrov. Monfils.Kyrgios ( for the game not the antics )
6 women -- Kvitova, Osaka, Andreescu, Strycova, Siegmund. Bencic.
6 men I dislike watching -- Nadal. Isner. Querrey, Opelka. Anderson .Tiafoe. women 6 women I dislike Serena. Sharapova. Azarenka. Sabalenka.
6 retired men I really miss Edberg. Rafter. Newcombe. Nestor. Woodies. Muster.
6 retired women I really miss. Arantxa. Clijsters. Billie Jean. Li Na. Gigi Fernandez. Irena Spirlea

over to you


missed out 2 women I dislike ( only gave you 4 ) Collins. Venus.
And if I can add a 7 th woman I like it is Taylor Townsend


Somewhat related, I would like to see some of the rules used at last year's Next Gen tournament applied to main tour. Over the years I find myself watching less and less tennis, simply because of the time commitment it requires.

Gary  Lee  Moser

I've often observed Serena carrying extra weight...but never to the point where I would characterize her as THREE WOMEN. :->


I've read The Amazing Race to GOAT on Tennis.com. Another example that you can read each of the arguments to your heart's desires. You can compare apples and oranges. And lemons too. Which is why I still stand by my definition that Roger is the GOAT because how he made us feel. I also still feel my BOAT Djokovic claim is strong. But, we actually may have a simple statistical proof that at the moment Federer is really the S-GOAT (stat-GOAT). You will probably remind me that we've done this before, so I apologize for my bad memory.
According to ATP, GS=2000, Masters=1000 and WTF=1500. Right? So, it's super simple.
1) Roger Federer 77,000
2) Novak Djokovic 73,500
3) Rafael Nadal 73,000
This will probably change soon but at least our beloved Uncle Roger is safe for another few months. Let's enjoy the ride.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"1) Roger Federer 77,000"
"2) Novak Djokovic 73,500"
2 different swings of a racquet away from being --- at a minimum --- 78,280 to 71420

[ Lucky for us, huh? ]


Which two swings do you have in mind? MPs in 2 US Open semis and 1 Wimby final -- no 2 swing combination gives Roger 1280 more points.

3 swings and Roger gains, at a minimum, 450+450+800 = 1700 points. Potentially gains another 1600 if could win those two USO finals.

Sticking with 3 swings, Novak loses 800+450+1250 or 2500 points. With 2 swings, it is a minimum of 1250 points, and possibly 2050 (1250+800) or 1700 (1250+450) depending on where you want those 2 swings to take place.

Gary  Lee  Moser

If Roger had thrown down an unreturnable serve on one of his 2 match points in the 2019 Wimby Final,
that's 2000 instead of 1200, a gain of 800.

If he had done the same for the 2011 USO Semi,
that's 1200 after presumably losing the Final to Nadal instead of 720 for a losing Semi, a gain of 480.

800 plus 480 equals 1280, moving his total from 77,000 to 78,280

The same 2 changed results would take 800 away from Novak for this year's Wimbledon,
and another 1,280 away for the 2011 USO [ losing Semi versus winning the tournament ],
a combined total of 2,080 fewer, moving his total downward from 73,500 to 71,420


Ah, we have the same reasoning. I (perhaps mistakenly) thought a losing semifinalist got 750 points. See link. 720 looks more right and my memory tells me it is probably right.


Gary  Lee  Moser

I always have seen 720 on the ATP website under "Activity"...and committed it to memory long ago
because it is EXACTLY DOUBLE the 360 for a losing Quarter-Final [ as 360 is to 180, 180 is to 90, 90 is to 45 ].


As 1200 is not to 720 and 2000 is not to 1200. But you're right in this case. My bad.


Velgia writing under a psuedonym:


Gary  Lee  Moser

Has there ever...in this activity or any other...been a moment of F-the-rivalry-we-love-the-sport to approach this?



Federer out till grass court season -- arthroscopic surgery on hiss right knee yesterday


TP, time to trim the Wanna Post? or start a new one. I need to click twice on More Comments to get to where I want.

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