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Plug the glowing hole in his resume + this has to do something with GOAT race with Federer as this is TP after all ...


The other GOAT contender Federer incidentally has one FO title, which is worst major. IF Rafa doesn't get at least one WTF on his worst surface, it disqualifies Rafa as a GOAT candidate.


Interestingly, if WTF was played on clay for the past 15 years we'd probably have the opposite count between R&R


Nadal has to win WTF to desperately disprove the growing fact that he is on PEDs


Do they do a special drug test on winners which WADA doesn't ?


And why should the model be changed for one freak ?


Agree with Veglia and O. He can't win a tournament when he faces the top players from the start.


yeah ask TP he knows everyone on PEDs


There's more to this. If Little Rafa wins one WTF he would have won Grand Slams, Masters, WTF, Olympics and Davis Cup. All titles "that matter". Uncle Roger is missing Olympic gold in singles and Davis Cup win.


"Uncle Roger is missing Olympic gold in singles and Davis Cup win."
First, DC 2014 Switzerland.
Second, if you count DC which is by no means individual achievement, then why not count Olympic double gold (which Roger has and Nadal hasn't)?

Gary Moser

Switzerland's 2014 Davis Cup victory over France has been rescinded?


Very good points Leon and Gary! Federer's achievements are more complete, Rafa's has a hole and it reinforces his image as clay king, which is case against him as GOAT contender.


Oops ... my bad

Gary Moser

My 6 top metrics to compare the greatness of The Big 3 are wins at AO, FO, WIMB, USO, WTF...and TOTAL WEEKS AT #1.

Federer: tied for first, tied for second, outright first, outright first, outright first, outright first [ 1-2-1-1-1-1 ]

Nadal: third, outright first, third, second, third, third [ 3-1-3-2-3-3 ]

Djokovic: tied for first, tied for second, second, third, second, second [ 1-2-2-3-2-2 ]


Pretty good metrics, Rafa seems number three after Djokovic.


Win at 31 to be the oldest WTA winner. (guessing , have not checked)


Rafa has a singles and doubles gold


Yes, my bad here.

Gary Moser

And when it comes to Olympic Gold in singles ---
which, IMO, is all that even POSSIBLY counts in the GOAT debate, because Doubles is a...what's the word?...TEAM effort ---
the 4th best player of the current era has TWICE as many as the Top 3 guys combined.

And I assure you that you won't find that to be the case with any other metric one may choose to throw out there.


For me, Olympic tennis has never been a measure of something great. You have 4 majors a year, any of them is much more important than a bo3 tournament of specific selection, rated lower than a Masters (now not rated at all), etc. But for many this title sounds so loud for obvious reasons, and it's hopeless to discuss them.
As for Nadal, he has a lot of more extraordinary achievements than Olympic gold.

Tennis Planet


Soon after the Open Era began in 1968, the new professional tours each held a year-end championship (YEC), which are elite tournaments involving only the top performers of the given season. The subsequent return of tennis to the Olympics in 1988 gave rise to the notion of a Super Slam as a combination of Golden Slam (all four Slams and Olympics) and YEC title. Eligible YECs are currently called the ATP Finals for men, WTA Finals for women, and the Wheelchair Tennis Masters.

Only one player has completed the Super Slam in a period of twelve months:

Steffi Graf (1987 Virginia Slims Championships, 1988 Australian Open, 1988 French Open, 1988 Wimbledon Championships, 1988 US Open and 1988 Olympic gold medal)

Non-calendar year Super Slam: Mens.

# Player Discipline Australian Open French Open Wimbledon US Open Olympics Year-end

4 United States Andre Agassi Men's singles 1995 1999 1992 1994 1996 1990


Veglia, back in form :-) Pepe going to get a bonus?

I'm thinking though that TP's next HOF question will be along the lines of "what is the MAIN reason Sampras couldn't be considered the GOAT even if Federer and Nadal hadn't won more slams than him"?




Pepe working his magic :) I had a tear in my eye ...

And ... not because I just won ... TP's weird logic is what keeps us here. No?

My next question: can Veglia convert all of his "honorable mentions" to just one real WoF? You know, one that matters!


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