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Gary Moser


What's most "MOST emblematic" --- nifty word-coupling, BTW, as word-couplings go --- to me is that
an almost 37-year-old part-time player who repeatedly blows match points can still be ranked #2 in the world.



Wait a day. You can drop the almost.

I tend to agree with TP, except this isn't about form, which I view as temporary. This is strucural. It wasn't that he was completely off against Coric. He was simply outplayed. The shots have lost their sting, the movement is slower rtc etc


I guess we are stating the obvious here, which is that Uncle Roger is nearing the end of his ultra successful career. Only O would disagree with that. Federer has a choice to make: continue to "enjoy" the tour with results that for sure won't mimic the glory days or not. I don't think we're really inventing hot water here ...

Tennis Planet


"Uncle Roger is nearing the end of his ultra successful career".

People said AND believed that about a decade ago - too.


I know, but now it's a fact :)


Boy, he did grab the three slams at his fag end. Nole fans may claim something about his absence but at Aus '17 all were there and he still won it. In all likelihood, he will fade out and that fade out kind of showed up at Aus Open '18 vs Cilic . For that stretch in 4th set he played exactly like 36+ tennis player would play and it just continued till now. He is not going for top spin backhand and has gone back to his older habit of sliced back hand most of the time. The en dis near and I hope it is not ugly. Wouldn't want to see him humiliated till Uniqlo stretches him to 2020.


I think he actually enjoys the competition AND the training. But if he keeps playing just for the Uniqlo contract and gets humiliated in the process, well then it is deserved.

Gary Moser

Lone-wolf I, as usual...just finding it weird to judge Roger's 2018 campaign on the basis of his one loss
where he didn't come close to winning, as opposed to the other three where he was on the cusp ---
2 of which were against Top-8 opponents.

I mean, Roger had a helluva 2017 despite the Donskoy Debacle...right?


Oh, I'm not judging this on results per se. The guy is still #2 in the world and #3 in the Race to London despite missing the clay court season. Can't complain. I just think he's not palying well and hasn't been for a while. Very subjective, I know.

Gary Moser

No matter how gut-wrenching I may find any one particular loss to be --- mitigated by my financial score, of course ---
I can't help but take comfort in 2007: a 3-Slam season where he could still "find a way"
to lose TWICE against a historical non-entity like Guillermo Canas.

[ And then put together the following TEN-AND-A-HALF YEARS... ]

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