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Sasha Zverev beats Marin Cilic at 2019 AO


Thiem beats Rafa at RG 2019

Gary Moser

Last 14 years: Rafa wins 11 and The Field wins 3 --- without beating Rafa.

So, my guess, Thiem beats...DelPo?


Seems like people think a sub-30 winner comes in 2019. I was actually thinking it be the same old thing.


When you want to guess wild, go fully wild. I am happy getting Thiem part right.


If it's the same old thing nobody wins the WoF in 2019. Nothing to lose there. If I'm to have the best odds I pick the very first coming slam. So, just playing the odds, really. I still think Zverev is the greatest potential but lost my faith in him this year. Not maturing quick enough.
Having said that, I agree with you and won't be surprised if 2019 GS winner list ready like Novak, Rafa, Roger, Novak ...


Three points. First, if you have only one pick until a winner is found, or until all contestants lose, whichever is later, then picking the first slam does nothing for your odds of being right. Your arguments only holds if we reset after each slam. Easier way to see this is assume Rafa is in prime form and the first slam is the FO, and you have just one pick. Is anybody else for the FO your highest probability pick? Second point is that I will be stunned if Roger wins a slam next year. His game has moved into "high risk" mode and he is vulnerable in every single round. Third is on Zverev. You can see what I think of where Roger's game has gone. Add to that #37 and that he missed the entire clay court season i.e., did not compete for 5000 points on offer. And yet, he has, so far, had a better season than Zverev. There is more than maturity that is missing.

Gary Moser

I see Zverez being, essentially, Dimitrov with 3 more inches and 6 fewer years on him.

I find both beautiful enough to watch, in terms of athleticism and tennis technique.

But neither seems to have that match-in-match-out tournament-in-tournament-out Super Grit mentally
and/or Monster Power physically --- and if those things haven't arrived by now...they ain't gonna.


Agree on Zverev, unfortunately. RE WoF, in the past you didn't have only one shot at the answer. You can shoot as many times as you wish. Now, this being "your" WoF I think you can make your own rules.


Shapovalov RG 2019 or 2020. Opponent -- Tsitsipas


Anyone know if Rafa is playing Paris? Historically, not his favorite tourney, missing 3 of the last 4 years. In the race for #1, it doesn't matter too much... he's only losing 180 and Novak loses zero. I would think Novak takes #1 in Paris. If not then, the WTF. History: Novak has won Paris 4 times, Rafa… uh... not so many. WTF: Novak 6 finals, 5 titles, Rafa… uh... not so many.

Gary Moser

And sadly, due to the circumstances, Roger should have the #3 ranking locked up.

Because of this news-break [ pardon the awful pun ]:


DelPo came into this year's Shanghai ranked #4 with 6,130 points.

By my quick-and-dirty math, he should end the year with 5,130 ---
90 at this year's Shanghai replacing 360 from last year,
then NOTHING to replace last year's 250 in Stockholm, 300 in Basel and 180 in Paris...


Oh, man. That poor guy. Another in the "if my grandma had wheels, she'd be a bicycle," category... I wonder how many slams he would have won, how many weeks at #1, if it hadn't been for four bloody wrist surgeries. Now this.


Poor DelPo. Hope he has the will to recover from this.

Roger's $3 is not yet tied up. He needs another 140 points to go past DelPO but Zverev is also a threat. YTD, he is about 400 points behind Roger and could move ahead.

Gary Moser

Yeah, how AZ does in Paris should tell the tale: he bombed out in his first match last year,
so only has 10 points coming off. Golden opportunity for him...


Tsitsipas beats Zverev


Federer and Millman could clash again in R2 at Basel.

No guarantees on who will win. After Halle, I had thought that no way Coric beats Federer two times. But yes, he did just that in Shanghai, in straight sets at that. Millman's turn at the double?


Shapo first Canadian to win Roland Garros beating Djokovic 2019

Gary Moser

Could happen...especially if Roger's heretofore under-the-radar HAND INJURY hasn't cleared up:


King Billy

Tsitsi, of course


The tennis commentators make allowances for Nadal and Del Potro when they are sick, injured or tired. And rightly so. Yet they never extend the same courtesy to Federer. It is as if he is supposed to be 100% fit 100% of the time, like some kind of alien lifeform.


He declares injury later. Like mono declaration a few weeks after Aus Open loss to Novak. After seeing Soderling's plight, I still can't bbelive if Fed actually had mono

Gary Moser

"After seeing Soderling's plight, I still can't bbelive if Fed actually had mono"
Or that of MARIO ANCIC --- contracted it in late 2006 before he was even 23 years old,
and ended up appearing in only 4 more Slams before hanging it up...


Forgot about Mario. Indeed two examples of tennis career shredded by this disease. And Fed has already played a decade after that. I sincerely hope he recovers quickly from the hand ailment and have one last fling at slams. My wish box still has one for him.

Gary Moser

The headline of this "news" story: Federer ignored deadline set by "new" Davis Cup


Yet they quote Roger as follows:

"They only left me three days to decide," Federer said. "I didn't to have time to consult with all the people I had to consult.

"I could not make a decision in that time, so I told them to do what they wanted."


Gary Moser



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