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Zero motivation when it became clear he is #1 after Rafa's withdrawal


Better opponent


Correct, but possibly much too obvious an answer. This is TP after all.


Physically exhausted


He also had flu-like symptoms but again, too obvious.


Aha, here's one. Give that the #1 had been wrapped up. his main goal was to beat Federer and increase the h2h lead. This is Djokovic's biggest claim to fame -- winning h2hs versus the other big 4. So, he was tight in the match before playing Federer (happens, check Federer vs Millman at USO with Novak looming), was obviously tight playing Federer (how else do you explain 0-12?) and then once he beat Federer, he lost motivation.


Agreed, at this point his only objective is his score vis-a-vis Fedal. However, even this is too obvious and as you said this is TP after all. So ...

His even bigger objective, probably subconsciously, is the desired worldwide perception of Nole The Great. And, he has a major issue there with the planned exhibition with Rafa in Saudi Arabia. All of the above still applies, but once he beat Federer his mind turned to handling the 'political' situation.

P.S. Where's Gary?


Man... if Novak can't get motivation from the fact that, by winning, he would be tied with Rafa for most Masters titles... he isn't the guy I think he is. Was he showing flu-like symptoms? I didn't hear that. That would do it. Off day. He's human.


I think Novak is current goal is to surpass Nadal and get year-end number one, once Nadal quit for Paris, he lost the motivation


Oh, Nick already said this :)

Tennis Planet



Congrats Nick!


Congrats Nick!


Wow. Just checked. Finally made it. Before Fed retired I could do it :)

It was too obvious of an answer. Definitely not in TP's earlier range. But glad to accept the honor from TP.

Thanks everyone for wishes. Hope Fed makes it to semis, he is too much of his own ghost now.

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