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Time to bet Federer winning Olympic gold in singles and Federer Bencic winning mixed doubles?


Federer manages to be friends with everybody? Only this guy Julien Beneto? has some issues with him?

Gary Moser

You know me...I'll be betting AGAINST Roger winning the Olympic Gold in singles --- hoping like hell that I lose those wagers!


... as opposed to Robin Soderling who managed to be friends with no one


"admire everything she's done..... ?????????? even threatening to shove a tennis ball down a linesperson's throat? seems weird.

Gary Moser

"everything she's done" in terms of all of her positive achievements --- irrespective of her behavior surrounding them, I'm guessing.

[ He's kind of between a rock and a hard place here, no? ]


a very big rock and a very hard place. then run away from the subject. "uh...well... other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

Gary Moser

Nick Kyrgios, now less than 4 months away from his 24th birthday, will find himself outside the Top 50 come next Monday.

So. For all of those fans and pundits who have yet to reassess...ummm...time to reassess?


"hoping like hell that I lose those wagers" - Are you the only one in the world to bet and hope to lose?


Is that so? I thought Sod was a friendly guy?

Gary Moser

"only one"? Almost-assuredly not. But, am I in a very decided minority of gamblers? Gotta believe, yeah.

Think of it this way:

Roger wins, and it costs me a couple of hundred bucks. Super-fan that I am...well worth it.

OTOH, Roger loses, I'm disappointed...but receive a couple of hundred extra bucks to assuage my disappointment.

So, either way, I end up less stressed while it's playing out than most RF Super-fans, to be sure.

And that's the point!

Gary Moser

Back in the day [ 2009 and prior ], I never read anything flat-out-stating that RS was a "bad guy",
but everything I did read seemed to suggest that he was somewhat aloof and stand-offish from his peers, ala Berdych.

[ As the years went by, Tomas, to his credit, seemed to "outgrow" that me-against-the-world mentality... ]


Being aloof is not being a bad guy. I've always liked Tomas. Played with a minimum of fuss, stuck to the rules, didn't try to bend them to his advantage. Ok, so he wasn't particularly diplomatic. You don't need to make friends with competitors. Treat them with respect and courtesy. I think both Tomas and Robin did that.

Their demeanor reminds me a bit of Lendl.

Gary Moser

"Their demeanor reminds me a bit of Lendl."

I actually liked watching Berdych's game a little more than I liked Soderling's
even though I regarded the Swede as being slightly more dangerous ---
seemed to me that Tomas tried for some variety with his strokes whereas Robin was more "programmed"...

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