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"""This is first tournament in a decade""" - He addressed his problem of getting far and running out of steam, so there is a chance of him winning. I do see Tsitsipas winning the whole thing, a young guy winning a slam since Chang?

Gary Moser

Nadal was younger when he won his first than ST is now.


"If Nadal is the "beast competitor that all claim (and I don't disagree), he should be playing all out in this tournament and not content to reinforce his greatest ever on clay rep. What better time to pull that off than with circumstances presenting themselves in this fashion.

To be fair---Djoker has had a FAR more difficult draw of some excellent players to deal with en route. (And why is that btw. Shouldn't the number one seed have an easier road?)

I haven't seen Pouille in this tourny yet---I remember him beating Nadal on hardcourts a couple of years back at the U.S. Open.

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