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Federer lost that's the bad news. The good news is that we finally have a newer player who seems good enough. We can easily see Tsitsipas go all the way now. Beating Rafa and beating Djokovic is not far out, because he has the game and he has energy. He just needs to go out there and play, and close out games sets matches like he did against Federer.

Gary Moser

I think ST has a great, great future. I'm much more impressed with his long-term potential than that of AZ.


Against a 37-year-old, he was 2 points away from being forced into a 5th and deciding set.

A 37-year-old who went 0-for-12 on break-point opportunities for the match, including 4 set-points in the 2nd set.


I just put $32 on him to win $152 against Rafa.

[ Crazy like a fox?!?!? ]


"""I just put $32 on him to win $152 against Rafa.""" - I think it's a good bet. I hope you win big on this and we'll soon find out. I'd bet him go all the way now.


The caveat being this is not just any 37 year old. He often eats 20 year olds for breakfast.


New talents tends to be taller that Fed, say Djokovic, say Tsitsipas, they are tough for Fed. Federer is not 37, I agree, he is not even human. In a word, nobody is close to being done Federer Rafa Djokovic until a player like Tsitsipas beats all of them, even then they are not done. I think Federer adds three HC to him GOAT credential. In a few year, when Rafa and Djokovic both reach 20 slams, Federer will probably add more slams?


I think Federer is almost done. He's tired. He lost the "fire". He's old. Maybe one more, but his groundstrokes are not the same. It's over. It's time to have some fun, if he enjoys it, and then quit.

Gary Moser

"I'd bet him go all the way now."
Can you imagine how the sports media would go FREAKING BERSERK if he did?

I would fully expect a whole raft of stories along the line of

[ Or somesuch... ]


Maybe that's why one should be on Tsitsipas is the odds are still favorable?

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