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Hoi ha

Played Federer’s style of tennis and beat him at it - or put another way - bead Fed at his own game.


In the most match interview, he said he had expected to win.


"I have been idolizing him since I was six", underscoring Fed's grandpa status


Similar to DK, but not about grandpa status, about Federer being no big deal.

Emphasizing that Federer is mortal, no different from others: "my idol became my rival today".


Broke Fed while saving all 12 break points


He said he was afraid they might need the paramedics to revive grandpa.


Tsitsipas dethroned Federer in the 4th round of AO19 much like young Federer dethroned Pete Sampras in the 4th round of W01, except in much more decisive fashion. It's another change of guard.


The guard changed long ago. Djokovic took it from Roger.


Seemingly he did nothing extra special, didn't play the match of his life. Just was an overall better player and Fed didn't play poorly. And, everyone saw this, and now we hear the R word written all over the wall.


Well, we "see" the word written on the wall, a bit harder to hear it written :)


Federer Rafa Djokovic were in the same generation in terms of their many overlapping years. When we have a player about half of Feds age, who is better than Fed, it's a change of guard from the Federer-Nadal-Djokovic ear mouth throat to a brand new one.


Tsitsipas delivered a second "defeat" to Federer within a month after his Greece team beat team Switzerland?

Gary Moser

Is "better than Fed" FOR ONE NIGHT --- which I think we all agree he was --- synonymous with "better than Fed"?

I vote NAY.


Let them use the "R" word. I can't think of a more effective motivator for Roger.


I never said someone better than Federer before, but this guy is and will be better than the Federer. I hope I am wrong.

Gary Moser

Based on what I'm seeing so far of his raw talent and attitude, I won't say it's impossible.


What makes you flat-out predict it?


"""What makes you flat-out predict it?""" - I watch a tiny little bit here and there. Last time I remember was very impressed with was maybe Halep. Tsitripas to me seems way better than any newer player I've seen in years. He reminds of young Federer, so I think he is the leader of pack to take over...

Gary Moser

"Tsitripas to me seems way better than any newer player I've seen in years."
Agree. But isn't a large part of that due to the law firm of Dimitrov, Nishikori, Raonic & Theim
having been so hugely disappointing?

[ Now, if one could create a hybrid of the best of ST and the best of NK --- well, there you go! ]


Easy prediction. He's 20, Fed is 37. One day he will be better. Maybe when he's 30 and Fed is 47. Will he be better than Fed this year?

Tsitsipas played well and was the better player that day. To extrapolate that into "Better than Fed" is nuts. Roger had 2 set points in set 2. He wins that set and you get a different outcome.

Gary Moser

"Roger had 2 set points in set 2."
That's a desperately sick lie!

( pause )

Well, OK...a non-desperate honest mistake.

Roger had FOUR set points, as confirmed by this excerpt from the Independent in the UK:

"Federer, who had not lost a match at Melbourne Park since his semi-final defeat to Novak Djokovic in 2016,
said he had “massive regrets” and felt that his failure to win the second set, in which he had four set points, had been crucial."

Gary Moser

Thank you...and THANK YOU again, KP!

[ First set and last 6 games of the third set, respectively ]


For what?

Gary Moser

Putting SW out.


Why did SW lose? Gary? TP?

Gary Moser

She rolled her ankle as she was trying to serve it out at 5-1,
and although she wasn't noticeably limping thereafter --- by my observation and also that in The Guardian account ---
it may have mentally distracted her as well as having emboldened KP the rest of the way.

I thought KP was going to finish her in 2 sets, but by her own admission, she got "tight" after going up a break early
and thus played into SW's straight-ahead power game...


Thanks Gary.


There's no such thing as better than Fed. Federer plays the platonic, idealized, "real" tennis. In a perfect world there would only be Federer clones playing each other, with no variation whatsoever. Any variation is a blemish, a corruption of the original.

Tennis Planet

HINT: Djokovic.


Got it ... Tsitsi saved all 12 break points and won while Roger saved all 12 and lost to Nole in Paris last fall


If this is indeed the answer, you should get a statue in front of TP's hall of fame.


and once again I'm led to believe that Veglia and TP are one and the same --- or share the same head.

Tennis Planet

Kowrekt aunzor: He attacked Federer's forehand - relentlessly - and won - in four sets.

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