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Exactly. Toni Nadal made a similar comment earlier today. The match or the score is not a true representation of where things stand overall, just between these two at this particular moment in time. It will change.

Gary Moser

"just between these two at this particular moment in time. It will change."
If only because I find invincibility boring, I hope you're right.


Only-8-games or not-only-8-games on Sunday past, Rafa has managed to notch 3 wins in their last 16 meetings.

Those 3 were all on clay...and 2 of them came during Novak's "elbow exploits" when he was losing to everyone-and-their-dog.

What's that expression?

Oh, yeah. IT...DOESN'T...LOOK...GOOD.


For so many years the matches were played on Rafa's terms, long rallies, and few misses. i was amazed Federer was able to compile a respectable 11-23? record. AO17 was a turning point after so many years of domination and evolution. Finally Rafa's game became obsolete an he had to play on other player's terms. If you look at stats like total points won by each player, percentage of shots missed by each player, you probably see this match is a big big outlier from Rafa's other matches. Did the mental domination only just happen to this match? to what extent? If it happened to other matches such as W18, to what extent?

Stats of AO19 and W18 would would tell utterly different stories? meaning the degree of domination was to drastically different levels? Perhaps AO ss Rafa's worst because the momentum he builds from clay fades the most at AO?


If found this for AO19:
Net points won 16/18 7/14
Winners 34 21
Unforced errors 9 28
Total points won 89 53
I think Rafa's is a net player of Fed's caliber most of the time. 7/14 for Rafa but 16/18 for Djokovic saids Rafa was at very low capacity.


Match statistics from FO08 Rafa-Federer 6-1 6-3 6-0. Total points won Federer 52 Rafa 92, ration 0.565
Match statistics from AO19 Rafa-Djokovic 6-2 5-3 6-2. Total points won Rafa 53 Djokovi 89, ration 0.595

The demolition Rafa received at AO19, is similar to the demolition he delivered against Federer @FO08, very similar. Federer had the excuse of using a smaller racket, yet Federer didn't do much worse than Rafa AO19? Mental ownership or nothing to do with mental ownership?


Oh just realized Rafa's AO19 is worse than Fed's FO08. Basically they won the same number of points, same degree of satisfaction, but Djokovic needed only 89 points to polish off Rafa versus 92 points Rafa needed to dismiss Fed. Federer bounced back from the FO loss to win both FO and W the following year? Now maybe Rafa will bounce back from this loss to win FO W and UO to reach 20 this year?

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