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Contrary to your analysis, I think it's over for Rafa when we have a player like Tsitsi. The most Rafa can get is a set, he should lose in straights. What is Rafa's weapons here? His improved game, including serve and quickly hitting winners? It worked perfectly well against previous opponents, but will not work at all against Tsitsi. Normally Rafa measures up well against anyone in terms the entire package, but here he will find every weapon of him over matched by Tsitsi. We'll soon have to find out about this.


Oh, I soooo disagree but at the same time I'd like to be wrong :) Love Tsitsi ...


What works against other players may not work with Rafa. TsiTsi BH power may not be as strong Stan or Fed 2017. You have to breakdown Rafa on his FH side. Take him away from court so much that starts hooking up his FH . Whoever starts attacking Rafa's BH always fails. Only Novak's manages to beat him at his game of ping pong the ball so much that Rafa runs out of gas.


No one's BH is as good as Stan's when he's on.

Gary Moser

I hope you're right.

[ About "when he's on"...as opposed to when he WAS on ]


We are going to have another Rafa Djokovic show since 2012? no, since W? It's unlikely Tsitsi will pull out a miracle now after losing two quick sets?


Lost the first two sets more tamely than Tiafoe, too late to blame him now, he did beat quality players. I'm for the usual Djokovic and Rafa show now.

Gary Moser

Well...if you want to kill an otherwise healthy sport, this is a sure way to do it!


6-2 6-4 6-0 complete with a bagel? what more can you want? Back to the Djokovic Rafa slugfest for sure?

Gary Moser

I can want Rafa to carry ST, like I'm convinced all great champions
in boxing and tennis have done at certain times in their careers for the greater good.

( pause )

Yeah...THAT'S what more I can want!


Can want all the good things, but may still do much worse than another competitive Djokovic Rafa showdown. Maybe we get Rafa Pouille, and again with bagels? Maybe we get Rafa Djokovic with bagels? Any prediction of Rafa losing in straight sets was premature, but maybe the Rafa pulling out option is still on the table?


No one has a chance in hell against this beastly Nadal. It's over. Just give him the trophy already.


If Rafa is so dominant, maybe a calendar slam is in order after Djokovic's four straight a couples of years ago?


These scores reminds a little bit of of Rafa on clay?


? ST ? I have been in mourning so forgive my stupor


And this was a semis and HC not clay. What will he do on clay . So we will have 19th slam by June.

Gary Moser

You know...the young Greek guy who showed up disguised as Alexander Zverev last night?


Sure thing, June cannot come fast enough for Rafa.

Gary Moser

On the contrary...every year that Rafa has won the AO, he failed to also win the FO.


He might be peaking early in the season. Nadal has never been the most consistent throughout a full season. Of course he's the favorite to win the FO, but the AO title now I believe is more certain than the FO.


Jeez. Indeed. Rafa spins a web and opponents knowingly walk in to it to be consumed. Another next gen scarred

Gary Moser

I'll have to study the ESPN3 replay some more, but one of the things I think I gleaned while watching "live" is that,
whereas against Roger's mostly "stylistic" game ST had the confidence to ATTACK with his counter-strokes,
against Rafa's "power" game ST's return shots were far more of the "rolling" nature than attacking.

Which, of course, kept Rafa in control of the rallies and assured that Rafa would win the vast majority of them.

Too early to try to come up with a definitive answer, but...

Is ST going to be another GD? [ you know --- that lost-generation Bulgarian we have love/hate for :-> ]


Baby Federer!

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