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Gary Moser

Talk about "giving-back-to-the-sport"!

So moved that a thought occurred to me: why didn't John McEnroe or Pete Sampras do something like this when THEY ruled the tennis world?
[ Or BjBo himself, for that matter... ]


It may have to do with the overall ability to get things done, to pull it off, so to speak. Federer is absolutely the best ever. If he organizes an event, the support is there to make it successful, and his play is always good enough to make it successful. He pulled off the exo with today show's SG, who couldn't not quite make a shot. When we talk about PS and JM they couldn't do it. Today's stars like Rafa and Djokovic, although they are tough enough players, I don't know if they can ever pull off an exo like Fed?

Honest speaking, a hobbled Murray did organize such an exo? but he played the Fed?

Gary Moser

"Honest speaking, a hobbled Murray did organize such an exo? but he played the Fed?"
As good as that was...it was all about boosting the hope of Andy Murray coming back to the top level
and/or raising money for one-or-more of AM's selected charitable efforts.

IMO, that's a far cry from going out of one's way to honor the legends of the past...


Talking about honoring the legends of the past, I really liked what Federer did with Pete many years ago. Since then he has played many exos? He has played Isner and Sock? Maybe he should play Serena soon for another exo?

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