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4 GOATs playing right now?

Gary Moser

Even if wrong, good guess: hard to imagine ever again having 4 different players each with a minimum of 15 Slam wins.


Looks like including WTA into usual stuff on ATP
4th was always Andy Murray and not SW

Gary Moser

Of course "on ATP 4th was always Andy Murray" --- and a VERY DISTANT 4th at that! --- in the MEN'S game in this era.


In any previous Open-Era era you want to pick [ 1970s?...1980s?...1990s? ],
were there ever more than TWO competitors on either side of the gender divide that simultaneously made a GOAT-case?

Four now. At best, two previously. No?


How about this? it's the wrong answer I know but...

Sticking to ATP. The next final you get between any 2 of the three between F, N and D, there will be a record set for the maximum number of slams on court.

Gary Moser

As in:

2017 AO: Roger with 17, Rafa with 14...total of 31 coming in.

2019 AO: Rafa with 17, Novak with 14...total of 31 coming in.

Next one: minimum of 32 coming in [ even if Rafa vs. Novak ]?


Right. Any two will break the record. In AO19, it would have required Federer to break the record.

But, of course, it is the wrong answer.


Nole Slam for the 2nd time

Gary Moser

I'm betting on ROGER CAREER Slam for the 2nd time.

Not "betting on" in the sense that I'm predicting it will happen, natch.

But with early Futures putting him at a +3300, I just could not resist risking $30.40 to win $1,003.20
in case we get an RG version of loaves-and-fishes... :->


How does it involve No 4?

Gary Moser

"How does it involve No 4?"
Well, there are 4 Slams out there.

And Roger winning the 2019 FO would give him at least two victories at each of them.

Hence..."ROGER CAREER Slam for the 2nd time." Known in some circles as a DOUBLE-CAREER-SLAM.

[ Or does your question entail something else that I'm blocking on? ]


Yeah, I guess you can very, very loosely relate to No 4 ...


Ah, four people are one slam short of history.

Serena one short of Court. (or if ATP; Wawrinks one short of making it second person from any country to get career slam)
Federer, Nadal, Djokovic all one short fo second career slam.

Gary Moser

"(or if ATP; Wawrinks one short of making it second person from any country to get career slam)"
Was about to say NOT SO FAST THERE, YOUNG CAPTAIN!...what about Emerson & Laver from Australia?

But then noticed your "ATP" qualifier, which would mean 1972 and thereafter, leaving poor Roy out in the cold.


The way I read "under way" assumes certain probability, not what if ...


I still think that if Novak wins RG and becomes the man to hold all 4 GSs at the same time, for the 2n time, is something that may never happen again.


It couldn't be that simplistic. Or is this TP's way of making up for the last one?

But isn't this a "what if"?


Agreed, too simplistic. And yes, it is a what if, but with a reasonable probability of actually happening.


I think TP has given us the answer. 4 people (that includes Serena) who have a chance of being GOAT and remaining there until the end of time.

Too simplistic too but I think TP is compensating.

Tennis Planet



Congrats O!

@TP: this was way too easy for HoF, just sayin'. Is Alpha right you are compensating? :)

Tennis Planet


First, this was WOF - Honorable mention - which is supposed to be a tad easier. Granted it was a tad more than easier but - see second below.

Second, yes. Had to appease the cry babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks TP thanks Veglia. We have 4 GOATS at the same time, and everybody should be excited.

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