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Not certain, but I'm guessing it's at Dubai.


ATP World Tour Finals or ATP Year end #1 . Both seemed quite bulky.





Tennis Planet



muchas gracias


have you seen the size of the trophy cup at Queens? Look at pics of Querrey and Murray holding it. It is far bigger than Dubai or Barcelona. I'm English. I've been to Queens and seen the trophy. It is the largest


is this a factual contest (I laugh as I type this) or are actual dimensions and weight given? Queens looks larger...it seems taller and Barcelona seems wider


Ummm, for that logic to work you'd also have to be Spanish and been to Barcelona and to be Emirati and been to Dubai. Can't really compare if you've seen only one trophy.

Come join the suicide pool next time. All fair, no TP subjectivity.


Alpha, you should start your own website! Why is that TP should collect all the sponsors' money??!


Oh no, Barcelona is larger. I am not English but I've been to Barcelona.


Real Quiz Question. There is something eerily similar between what has transpired over the last month and the Feb/March period in another year. Which year and why? Gary is locked out for 48 hours. Sorry, mate, but let's give Veglia a chance to answer a real quiz. It's easier than it looks.


actully I was in Barcelona last fall on Oct 22. Our tour took us to Olympic sites and the tennis site. Saw the trophy. IMO the Queen's is larger

Tennis Planet

It's tie, suit and pant.



sorry Alpha. Not my thing. One of the things that irks me about US coverage of tennis is the constant reciting of stats. They get it from baseball I think,. Stats don't interest me, The clean hiting, variety, style to me are why I watch. I don't care if one player has lost 10 in a row against an opponent -- I'll watch that match if that opponents game style and personality interest me. There are people who win a lot but whose personality turns me off -- Tiafoe is one, Sabalenka is another. I'll go miles to see Bencic's game ( going to see her in Charleston next week )I loved Strycova and Kvitova. I'm liking what I see of Andreescu's variety and style . I've travelled miles to see Shapavalov but wouldn't go to see Isner or Querrey -- so I'm not interested in stats and predictions.


And your thoughts on Felix? Would you travel to see him?

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