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Hewitt, Ferrero, Roddick, Nadal


Correction: Hewitt, Roddick, Nadal, Djokovic


Are you sure you are not TP's younger brother? First, you think like him. And second, you crash out in the first round of the tougher contest, so TP hands you a slam dunk -- a question whose answer is not only one google click away, it's in the most obvious place?



First of all, I'm his older brother so he thinks like me, not the other way around. Secondly, I didn't think of Wikipedia or ATP website, so I actually had to go phone all players who Federer ever played and asked them whether they were No 1 at the time when they lost to him. Took me almost an hour to phone all those people. Luckily I had all their phone numbers written down. So Juan Carlos first lied to me so then when Andy said he also lost to Roger while No 1 I had to call JC back and demand an apology. That took additional 5 minutes.

So, to make it easier next time, I would really like my younger brother to go back to WoF where one has to think in the most peculiar way, instead of using Google, or phone in my case. Like that one when we had to figure out why was Sampras happy Tiger's wife beat him up with a golf stick. Or was it a baseball bat?


OK, so maybe you are not related but I wonder if you have a life -- you get these answers within seconds/minutes of the question being posted. The rest of us aren't able to be on the Planet looking for this stuff every instant of every day


Hehe! Good stuff. Now call Novak and ask him wassup? He seems to have rediscovered this 2017 form.


Dedication Stella, and hard work. It's not easy.

Tennis Planet


Hewitt, Roddick, Nadal, Djokovic


Congrats Veglia, a testament to your hard work and dedication and impressive speed dial list.


Note to TP -- just to beat the gun, my answer to your next WOF question is 109.



And, the answer is 42. Do you know what I'm talking about?


Age that Federer will retire.
The chest size Djokovic aspires to have
The number of seconds it took you to google the answer to the last WOF.
Number of goats in TP's baseement

I could go on....

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