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I don't think it's about all those things by now, it's almost crunch time. The way he is playing is great and unprecedented. He is simply superman like no other. I hope he plays till 40 45 and then see what happens. In another word, Djokovic and Rafa can catch up in terms of numbers. Guess what? If they do catch equal Federer's slams but finish their careers a little early, then Federer might win the records back in the end. If that happens, Federer could become the clear and undisputed GOAT?

Gary Moser




Thanks for the video, Gary. Relieved to know that age still doesn't matter after more than ten years ago? when I said age doesn't matter. If the conditions stay good, perhaps this could be 101?


310 weeks at number 1. week in week out he's the best -- never mind the masters titles or slams he's been the best longer


If we were doing a variation on this theme with Djoker the subject---my biggest bone to pick with HIM is his inconsistency. I don't recall Fed having these dips that Nole has when he was in his prime. Hope all is well at home with Nole. His wife was in the stands against Coric so don't go there TP.

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