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1. what have they in common ? -- err, a man and a woman.
2reason the common thingy engaged --- um, all prefer people of the opposite, um, sex.


The women came from a foreign country? And they were desperately looking for a relationship for immigration purposes?

Tennis Planet


You got the answer to the first question right.


O, since I am not competing any more I am offering a clue to what I think mah be the right answer. It has to do with what these men think about themselves.


Thanks TP. Thanks Veglia, I think you've got it right, it has to be that, right?


The women came from a foreign country? And they all dated men who are extremely humble and gracious?


Ha! All of them are married to good looking men ;-)

Btw, Susanna Lingman, Courier's wife, is Amercian and had always been American. Born in the USA. But this is TP's bizarre world -- if you look oriental, you must be a foreigner.


Nope, that's not what I had in mind.


She better has a long form birth certificate? otherwise I'm going to win this WOF regardless where anybody was born?

Tennis Planet

Kowrekt Hanser:

ALL my inflatables are manufactured at either third world countries or countries 'inferior' to US. If the inferiority margin in not much, I look for low esteem to compensate for it.

Why you aks?

They 'listen' LOT better.

Point is to ensure the inflatable feels MASSIVELY in debt and obligated for being selected despite 'undeserving' status. This allows me to do whatever I want - with impunity.

Can you imagine Federer married to say Hingis and blood sport that will entail?

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