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Gary  Lee  Moser


On Monday, June 17, Novak Djokovic will begin his 256th week with the #1 ranking.

Which means that, for the last 803 weeks --- Feb 02 2004 thru June 23 2019 --- the #1 ranking will have broken down like this:

310 Federer
256 Djokovic
196 Nadal
041 Murray

For the PREVIOUS 803 weeks --- Sep 12 1988 thru Feb 01 2004 --- it broke down like this:

286 Sampras
101 Agassi
080 Lendl [ the last of his 270 total ]
080 Hewitt
072 Edberg
058 Courier
052 Kuerten
020 Wilander
013 Roddick
012 Becker
009 Safin
008 Ferrero
006 Muster
006 Rios
006 Kafelnikov
002 Moya
001 Rafter


WTG Rafter !!!


Novak is 13 months away form catching Roger. Currently he is about 4800 points ahead of #2 in the rankings, Nadal. It's a huge lead and on the surface it will seem like Novak will get to 310. BUT, this is 12 month accumulation process, meaning that the race to being #1 in 55 weeks from now starts at Wimbledon this year.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Rafter overtook Agassi and 1 week later lost it to Sampras.

Moya overtook Sampras and 2 weeks later lost it back to Sampras.

I've always found it quite difficult to divine which was more/less impressive...

Gary  Lee  Moser

Roger jumps from 1207 ATP career wins to 1211 by virtue of his 4 Laver Cup victories in Singles competition now being included:


Gary  Lee  Moser




I watched Berretini last week and he's just playing incredibly well. Hope he isn't in Roger's draw at Wimby : )



Just saw Berretini defeat Khachanov in straight sets this morning. You have to think he can make it far at Wimby. He's looked the best of the remaining players in the draw right now. Still hasn't dropped a set on grass.


This is a year for 37 year olds
Congrat Roger and Lopez!!


It appears that the Halle win means that Roger will be seeded #2 at Wimbledon under their formula. That means he will definitely be on the other side of Novak in the draw.


Does not make much difference. I would have preferred him to face Novak in semis than final. He being seeded 2 will anyway have to face theoretically both Rafa and Novak to win it


Makes a huge difference. Assume seedings hold. Then as the 2nd seed he has a 50% chance that he will miss Rafa as he will be in Novak’s half. As the third seed he would have to go through both of them.


1st seed rarely plays 3rd seed, Fed will have to go through both.


That Rafa fellow. Complaining unnecessarily. Tell him nothing has changed.


Well Nadal and Fed were drawn in same half.


Roger Federer’s projected route to Wimbledon final

R1 - Harris
R2 - Clarke/Rubin
R3 - Pouille
R4 - Coric
QF - Nishikori/Isner
SF - Nadal
F - Djokovic


seeds 3 and 4 are placed randomly up or down so whether he is 1,2,3,4 doesn't really make a difference


as Wimbledon gets near here is a re-worked version of a verse I posted some years ago -- from a Canadian/British/Federer fan point of view
My favourite 2 weeks are upon us,
No housework, just tennis all day.
I've been to pick my strawberries,
So I'm ready when the umpire says "play "

The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.
Wimbledon. London SW19.
A dream for any tennis player
to play on those lawns so Englishy green.

Ever since I saw Maria Bueno
I've had this impossible wish
to stand on the grass at Centre Court
and hold the Venus Rosewater dish.

Will Roger get yet one more Major.
number 21 is surely his wish
Will Shapo or Felix have a break through
and hold up that coveted dish

As Canadians we're watching young Felix
He has been improving his game
But Feliciano is also a contender
though winning Queens isn't really the same

so, I will do as the Brits do.
as they sit in front of their tellies
and hope that for the Wimbledon fortnight
the players won't need brollies or wellies


Thanks Stella


Love it Stella. Thanks for keeping this tradition going!!


For the first time in a long time, Federer has a very good draw?


I agree. But whenever someone as a very bad draw it seems that it opens up for them ...


1 or 2 doesn't matter. 3 or 4 doesn't matter. But there is a huge difference between being 2 or 3.

1 is placed at the top of the draw; 2 at the bottom. Then 3 and 4 are randomly drawn, one on the top half, the other in the bottom.

So, being 1 or 2 means you can't face the other guy before the final. Being 3 or 4 means you have to BOTH both 1 and 2 to win it, assuming seedings hold until the semis.

I hasn't made a difference this time but Nadal could wasily have been in the top half and had Novak in the semis.


As easy a draw as Roger could have hoped for. Rafa has the toughest draw.


How very special, Stella. I've started to cross my fingers for 21.



me too but I have to keep them crossed for Milos, Shapo, Felix, Pospisil, Feli Lo,Petra, Barty, Pliskova, Genie, too. It's going to make life tricky

Tennis Planet

Top seeds eliminated from Djokovic's path - for the next THREE rounds.


Fed has Berrettini (17) showing up. A landmine for him


Yes I was looking at this as well. I'm hoping he might be tired from all the matches he's played. Heck of a grass season for him.

Gary  Lee  Moser

FACT: Roger lost the first set to no-hoper Lloyd Harris.

FACT: Floyd Mayweather lost the first few rounds to no-hoper Conor McGregor.

CONSPIRACY THEORY: Same freakin' reason?

Tennis Planet

Nadal's draw opening up - wide and clear. Djokovic and Federer better not lose now or else......................


yes---see my above prediction. When do I ever make predictions!!


if there is one thing about modern tennis that I detest( apart from the grunting )
is the habit now of facing your opponent and waving your fist at them. I really liked Coco at first but now after 3 matches she has started fist waving. Wave towards you box or do the little " to yourself " fist pump like Ana I used to do, but to stare over the net at your opponent and wave a fist loses me. I also wish parents would be asked to sit down and not be continually on their feet yelling and fist waving -- maybe OK at USO but not Wimbledon. When did you ever see the Federer parents standing ?


Completely agree Stella. I don't like most American players but was going to try to like Coco. Well, I'm already sick of her and I don't even think I've seen her play for more half a match. Thank US commentators for that. She's either going to be the next Serena or the next Melanie Oudin but good lord I hate having a player rammed down my throat. Of course Palona was going to lose that match after not holding serve in the second set while trying to serve it out.
--tell me who other than her folks and the most ardent WTA fans even know who Palona is. I know enough that she's a power player and was slicing her way out of the tournament. Geez But do the commentators say this. I dunno, I muted the commentary after 5 minutes. So far she's beaten a has been and a never was.


Can you all not appreciate that she's all of 15 years old and in the 4th round at Wimbledon? No mention of her groundstrokes, her serve, or her temperament. She came back form 2-5 in the 2nd set. All you saw was her fist pump and the media's attention. Wow!

Would it have helped if Coco had beaten Madison Keys in this match? Would it still be a "never was? Well, Hercog took out Keys 4 and 2 in the previous round.

I wonder how your reaction would be if this was an European kid of 15 doing this on the men's side?


My gripe was with the media not her. If I stream her matches with BBC commentators I'd probably enjoy watching a whole lot more. Jenny used to remark how tiresome it was to have Andy Murray discussed to death watching Wimbledon back in London.

Madison Keys? Another WTA player who we are still waiting to go all the way. I still think of the U.S. Open final she played against Sloane with alot of sorrow---not playing your best when it mattered so much for her was brutal to see.

I don't like the "wunderkid" story---on either side of the pond.

Gary  Lee  Moser

I have the ability to quadruple-appreciate. To wit:

(1) Gauff is a legitimate young phenom. Look forward to following her career...

(2) Venus is now a statue in terms of lateral movement...

(3) Hercog mysteriously abandoning an aggressive hitting game in favor of a slice-fest sealed her own fate...

(4) In such situations, you can bet the ranch that the media will trumpet (1) while totally ignoring (2) and (3)...


At least Johnny Mac had the honesty to say that Palona choked and that Gauff was lucky to win. But I have to tell you---with the top heavy women's draw and Simona being a mercurial player at the BEST of times, she can definitely go to the final.


Alpha. We did watch the match.I've watched every minute of all 3 of her matches . We did see how good she is. But the comms going nuts is hard to take. They were going nuts over Kenin and Anisimova a few weeks ago and now -- no mention. We are not questioning the girls skill , which at 15 is incredible, but it's this truly unsportsmanlike thing about waving a fist at a player. If a player did that to me I 'd either have gone and punched them ( I'm Irish in background ) or if they were bigger than me I'd have walked off court. And then there's the parents. I get it that they're proud and want to urge her on but SIT DOWN and stop waving your fists.

I would hate it in a European, African, Asian, Oceanic or whatever person , male or female


I think that I can honestly say that I'm the only one who has stood beside, and shaken hands with Polona Hercog. WE did the coin toss at the Family Circle Cup in Charleston in 2012 and it was Bartoli (seeded ) and Hertog ( not seeded ). Hercog won. She was less inked then.

Don't know if this link works

Tennis Planet

Nadal will not face a seeded player until the semis?

So two out of seven matches against seeded players?

And that's when he had the toughest draw?

What's next? Kukushkin in semis and Humbert in final?


Gary  Lee  Moser

"Nadal will not face a seeded player until the semis?"
Taking a page out of the 2000 Pistol Pete Playbook, eh? [ didn't face an opponent ranked higher than #44 until the Final ]...


And, you can also bet the ranch that this chat group will trumpet (2) "has been" and (3) "never was" while totally ignoring (1).

If you're 15 and in the main draw at Wimbledon, it's a big deal to begin with. If you've made it to the 4th round (something that has eluded legitimate phenoms of the game) it really doesn't matter who you beat to get there. It's a big effing deal, fist pump or no fist pump.


I know it's all the media's fault. There is no other player on whom the media goes more ga ga than Federer. Watch and listen to how many times he gets called a genius and other over-the-top descriptions or how they act totally gobsmacked at some of his shots. I guess you don't like him too.

She's 15, a super talent, someone to be appreciated. And, incidentally, she can't control the media.


Watch carefully. The fist pumps are toward her box. Soemtimes the box is on the far end of the court and looks like there are directed at ther opponenet. They are not. Have you heard of a singlw palyer or mainstem commentator say anything about it?

Glad to see you see how good she is. Hope she takes it slowly and it all comes good. A Graf rather than a Capriati.


This is Coco.


"With each match, we learn something new about what she can do on the court. Hit a 108-m.p.h. second serve to save break point against Venus? Check. Chase down any drop shot, and still have the poise and balance to drill a winner into the corner? Check. Modulate speeds, spins and strategies depending on the opponent and the score? Check. Go about her business like the most seasoned and stoical of professionals? Check. Play with a blind, passionate belief in herself—even when she’s down a set and 5-2 on Centre Court—that comes from never having lost as a pro? Yep, Gauff has brought that youthful, Seles-esque magic back to the court. She doesn’t seem to be playing so much as levitating right now."

Gary  Lee  Moser

I, personally, haven't ever put much stock in teenage accomplishment as a reliable barometer of eventual career achievement.

Sampras and Federer didn't win their first Wimbledon until they were a month shy of their 22nd birthday ---
whereas Becker had 2 under his belt before he turned 19...

[ And, in the modern era, it's always been easier to achieve at a young age in the Women's game than in the Men's ]


Sure, it's no barometer and so you don't want to get carried away and say that Serena's records are under threat. Or similar stuff. Totally agree.

But you can still live in the present and appreciate what she's doing rather (however easier the women's side may be, such a player at this age is rare -- Austin, Capriati?) than dig for reasons why even the present is not such a big deal.

You have Tignor's thoughts above and here's Wertheim, "If it’s true that the Brits have a saying for everything, maybe they can hold here: What’s the opposite of “flash in the pan?” Gauff is fifteen—one-five! 15!—and she is here to stay. That’s based on tennis, ball striking and power and accuracy. But that’s also based on disposition."

I think you'll agree that neither of them need to go the hyperbolic route to maintain readership.

The young lady is to be celebrated rather than be nitpicked to desperately find reasons -- poor opposiiton; poorly directed hand gestures -- of what's wrong with her.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Firstly, I have not criticized her for hand-gestures ---
nor will I ever, because I always separate ability and/or potential from personal deportment.
[ Translation: if I honestly thought that Gauff will eventually beat all of Serena's records but I
ABSOLUTELY HATED HER for some reason...I would still admit that I think she will eventually topple the records ]

Secondly...your definition of "dig for reasons" appears to me to be decidedly shallower than mine.
The ones I cited came to me rather reflexively...

Thirdly...I enjoy and respect both Tignor and Wertheim. But even if I think that they are not going the "hyperbolic route",
I don't swallow whole everything they opine...like you and me and every other human, they've been wrong before.

Fourthly...at present, I don't feel the need for a fourthly.

Gary  Lee  Moser

From the girl herself:

"I don't really believe in fate and destiny," she said.

"Like sometimes fate can always not be a good thing."

So-o-o, something she doesn't believe in is...sometimes not good.

An interesting take.



The hand gesture bit was not for you.

Anyway, never mind. I thought that the arrival of a 15 year old with game, temperament and results would get everyone excited. Apparently not. I also thought the same way when Tiger first arrived. I was wrong then and I'm wrong now, and probably for the same reason. So, actually, I don't even need more than a "firstly".

My point about Tignor and Wertheim was not about their infallibility. Journalists can resort to exaggerations and sensationalism for viewership. I think they are both past that stage. So, right or wrong, they much be telling you what they actually think. Of course, they could be wrong. .


watched the fist waving carefully and , yes, some were to her box, but there was plenty of the 1. stare towards the opponent. 2. wait a second or two till you are sure she /hw is looking. 3 wave fist.

As to the parents -- they stand , wave fists, mother throws fake punches --- not appropriate , esp Wimbledon. Will be interesting when they are in the player box on Centre Court -- the man in the hat should tell them what behaviour is correct .

No comm ( US based ) will mention it as many US players do it. Serena does it regularly. UK comms HAVE mentioned it. We get a lot of UK and Australian commentary on our Canadian TV coverage


Wow!Barty is out! Alison Riske really played an incredible match fully deserving to win and gosh actually found myself not minding even though I really love Ash.

Gary  Lee  Moser

I caught most of the last set, Bettyjane, and have exactly the same reaction...


Geez---does this mean I actually like an America player. (She even thanks ballkids)


I had all of our channels recorded -- and none showed it



Gary  Lee  Moser

"Chase down any drop shot, and still have the poise and balance to drill a winner into the corner?"
ANY drop shot? Based on the ___ that she successfully did in her 3 matches against non-elite opponents?

I call shameless hyperbole.


Go Fed GO

Tennis Planet

Djokovic only one without ANY excuse for not winning the title now?


Slow court speed favors Nadal, low bounce favors Fed. Hmmm.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Last month, Roger made it to the S/F at the FO...and now is there at Wimby.

AKA two consecutive Slam Semi-Finals --- when closing in on his 38th freakin' birthday.

Only THREE other players currently ranked in the Men's Top 100 have EVER done this: Djokovic, Nadal, Wawrinka

Meek Era, anyone?


He won. Yay
Hope result is repeated on Sunday


I'm exhausted. At least I have a rest day tomorrow !!




Is that all time list ?


Serena lost again. I wish she can do it at some point. More than the #24 it is the victory as a mom.


Gotta love Simona. What a match. A dream match for her . Don't think Serena's won a major since getting married.

Gary  Lee  Moser

My prediction:

Novak wins...because if he doesn't, this 3-way GOAT race (presumed or not) officially/unofficially ENDS.

That would be --- what's the phrase? --- BAD FOR BUSINESS.

In the last 5.75 years, Rafa has won exactly 1 non-clay Slam...and maybe only because he didn't have to face a Top-25 opponent?

And if Roger gets a 21-15 lead over a 32-year-old Novak who always has to push himself physically...can you say "running out of road"?

Gary  Lee  Moser

TWS is now 23-9 in Slam Finals [ which is, admittedly, FANTABULOUS by any reasonable person's standards ].


Shockingly --- or at least "who'd-have-thunk-it?" --- 8 of those 9 losses have been in straight sets.

[ By comparison, Federer, in his 9 combined losing Slam Finals to NaDjok, has suffered only 1 in straights ]

And, despite her much-renowned monster serve, she has been unable to take ANY of those 19 total sets to a tie-breaker.

Kinda WEIRD, huh?


lose 20 lbs. her serves was returned and in the rallies she could only stand and watch Halep sprint around hitting winners -- anything deep to SW backhand corner , SW could only dump it in the bottom off the net. Can't see how she will beat top players till she can deal with the corners. Wasn't Halep the only see she had to play ?


Of all the records that Federer has, this one is the least likely to be broken. 3 times in slams you lose to the sane guy from up 40-15 on your serve, serving for the match.

Gary  Lee  Moser

This and 2011 USO S/F were DMP on Roger's serve, while 2010 USO S/F was on Novak's serve, if memory serves...

[ or are your referring to a 4th match between them that I'm not thinking of at the moment? ]


Is it too soon to say that this is probably the worst loss of his career---given the circumstances? I'm just gutted, but 2008 was no party either.

Losing match points on serve against djoker---not quite as horrific as anyone else on tour considering his reputation. I felt shocked that Fed even got into the position to serve for the match, it felt uphill to me the entire afternoon.


Roger, you had my heart going the whole time. Mirka and I were destroying our nails together. This was heart wrenching, but you played a really tough opponent and fought till the end. Great Match!


I think you're right. My bad. Point remains though. I doubt anybody has been up double match point to the same guy on 3 separate occasions in slams and lost.

I think this one is going to near impossible to match.

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