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Gary  Lee  Moser

"If he is such an 'exclusive clay' guy, how come he beat the best EVER player on other surfaces -
including some places called Wimbledon (once) and Australian Open (three times)?"
He beat the best Wimbledon player --- Roger --- once, yes.

But, as for the BEST Australian Open player --- NOVAK, not Roger --- Rafa's 0-for-2 by my lights!


OK, so Little Rafa is not a one trick pony ... he has two tricks: clay and getting into Federer's head.

How can a GOAT lose 6 consecutive finals in one year to the guy who is not even his nemesis??!! Two or three (I forget) on clay??!!

There is no GOAT, there is only how they make (made) us feel. Clearly, at this point in your journey TP, Rafa makes you feel a special way

Gary  Lee  Moser

"he has two tricks: clay and getting into Federer's head."
No, just the clay trick.

Rafa's now 14-02 versus Roger on clay...and 10-13 elsewhere.

Just like he's 17-07 versus Novak on clay...and 09-21 elsewhere.


Rafa is the tortoise?


A slam is a slam. He has 18 . Likely will end up with 21 or 22. And more knowledgable purist will say on clay on alone but these are ATP ratified matches not played only in Spain (Rafa's home) and is over a large period of time 12 years or so. Clay or no Clay he is there in top #3 and there is such small differences there that it will take an interpretation like above to separate them.


And as for humor here is a quote floating on text messages . Not mine but borrowed:

Rafael Nadal was French open champion in 2005.

Since then, so many people completed graduation, internship, did specialization, some did super specialization, got married, had kids, struggled in private practice /corporate set up, managed to get a decent earning, gained weight, greyed hair, achieved prediabetic and mild hypertensive status, and are close to hitting middle age.

This is 2019 and Rafa is still the French open champ.

Some people will never progress in this life! πŸ˜ƒπŸ€“

Gary  Lee  Moser

Roger: Wimbledon champ in 2003 & 2017.

Rafa: FO champ in 2005 & 2019.


Novak: AO 2023?

[ Place your bets, ladies and germs! ]


Even sooner than you think Gary -- how about 2022?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Right you are, Alpha...the corresponding 15-year span I was going for with Novak would have 2008 & 2022 as bookends.

[ serves me right for not test-driving it on paper first, I guess ]

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