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Both RF and Rafa failed in recent attempts. RF got close, he will need to do something special to win again. I thought one needs to win 23-24 slams to secure the slam race? Maybe RF Rafa or joker would reach that number.

joker with his talent, youth, skill and stamina, could play another 5-10 years?


RF fought as hard as he could? He seemed to be in flight the whole time? joker with the long limbs had his feet on the ground? It's barely fair fight? but RF needs a better tactic? It had to be exhausting? Playing with Rafa like that worked? joker is that much better than Rafa? The return comes back so fast? The forehand kills a lot of balls with one stroke?

If there is any weakness in joker? it had to be the BH that sometimes allows a lot of rallies back and forth? joker is 4 of 4 in none RG slams?

RF has to be rejuvenate himself and win some slams, and try to scale the tennis mountain that is joker?

I can't say this was a great match, but it's a great example how tough it is to beat joker at W? If RF couldn't do it, no one can do it in the next 3-5 years?

Gary  Lee  Moser

"It had to be exhausting?"
So much so that he only made it to the 25th game of the 5th set...instead of the 30th like he did TEN YEARS EARLIER? :->


25th game was max? because of the new rules? Not only I want him to win, I also want him to handle the joker shots a lot better? so that we don't have to answer for TP's WOF question after such a humiliating defeat?

Gary  Lee  Moser

(1) I fully realized that "25th game was max? because of the new rules?" --- but that UNDERSCORES MY POINT.

The 6-year-younger Super-Serb took the LONGEST ROUTE POSSIBLE to victory. Hmmm...

(2) Given that perspective on (1) above...why "humiliating defeat"?

I've seen that all over the place for the last couple of weeks, and still don't get it at all...


Big if but I'll say it anyway. If Roger had held serve and won the match would people be saying how Joker cracked by being broken in the final set


I agree. It's not like he double-faulted on Match Point. Didn't Joker lose a French Open final in that manner

Gary  Lee  Moser

Or, at the very least, Roger's victory would've been lauded --- RIGHTFULLY, in my view,
coming on the heels of his against-the-odds win over Nadal in the S/F ---
as the greatest ever, thus sparing Djokovic any major criticism for having "cracked"...

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