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That he lost to Dimitrov who had never beat Federer in 7 previous attempts.

That Nadal had a ridiculously easy draw, facing a 24-seed even in the semis...

And that Nadal now has 4 USOs mitigating doubts further that he's not a 1-surface type of player, and now has teven more USOs than Djokovic (whose favorite surface is arguably hard) and is only 1 shy of the number of USOs Federer himself has achieved.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"That he lost to Dimitrov who had never beat Federer in 7 previous attempts."
But, shouldn't he be RELATIVELY INURED to that kind of pain, since he's made a freaking CAREER of it?

Was 8-0 over James Blake before losing to him in the 2008 Beijing Olympics...

Was 12-0 over Robin Soderling before losing to him in at the 2010 FO, ending Roger's streak of 23 consecutive GS Semi-Finals...

Was 6-0 over Juan Martin Del Potro going into the 2009 USO Final...after being within 2 points of victory near the end of the 4th set...

Was 12-0 over Nikolai Davydenko before losing to him in their 2009 WTF S/F...

Was 5-0 over Marin Cilic before losing to him in the 2014 USO S/F [ with only Kei Nishikori waiting for him in the Final ]...

Was 10-0 over Tommy Robredo before losing to him in their 2013 USO R16 match...

Was 4-0 [ 8-0 in sets ] over Kevin Anderson before losing to him in their 2018 Wimby Q/F...

( pause )

Gee...if one was --- what's the phrase? --- CONSPIRACY-MINDED... :->


Medvedev won the 3rd and the 4th set, and it felt like he was the better player going into the 5th set? That hurt me as a Federer fan..


Right through the match, Toni Nadal was texting him: “#19 today, #20 in Paris, #21 at Wimbledon. Will you be around? #youthotyouwerethegoathahahah”. Plus he had hemorrhoids and couldn’t sit for the entire match.


I know I said I've retired from WoF but I can't resist ... It's how strongly and loudly crowd supported Nadal. Like they got over Roger and now have a new champ in town.


You’re like Clijsters. Just can’t stay retired. Did you see the news? Kim is coming back in January. Seven year gap and has a 11 year old kid. One of my favorite players, though I liked Justine more. Wish her the very best

Gary  Lee  Moser

A most pleasant shocker for me, definitely!


with current wta field, she may win another couple of slams


She's going to get wildcard status. If I recall correctly she came out of maternity leave/retirement as a wildcard to win the U.S. Open. She and Justine were the two players that could really challenge Serena and both retired young.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"If I recall correctly she came out of maternity leave/retirement as a wildcard to win the U.S. Open."
YRC [ you recall correctly ].

Check the Wikipedia page for the 2009 USO: not only was Kim a wild-card,
but en route to her victory she beat BOTH the #3-seeded Venus and the #2-seeded Serena.


And Marion Bartoli...and Li Na...and Caroline Wozniacki for good measure.

One of the most incredible championship runs ever.

[ But, of course, her being a non-American, you'd never know it in America. ]


That Nole was not a threat this time and he’s been owning Nadal lately in hardcourts

Tennis Planet


Opposite - Nadal - 2019 Wimbledon final.

Tennis Planet

Khorect Hanzer:

It was SO close that Federer was almost EXPECTING - forget hoping - Nadal to stay stuck @ No. 18 - for now.

Add the ABSOLUTE certainty the match began with - of Nadal winning it - easily - along with 2-0 set lead - and the heartbreak of Nadal clinching No. 19 gets compounded - ever more - if that's even possible.

Conversely, Nadal winning it in straight sets - would have produced NO (little?) pain.

Nadal was on the 'other' train @ the 2019 Wimbledon final. He had reconciled with Federer moving to No. 21 after 40-15, if not earlier - only to be relieved of pain - after hanging on the ledge - just like Federer did @ US Open - precariously.


Well I guess this actually DOES make sense---in your usual warped way of thinking.


1) It does make sense
2) Divesh was kind of correct, he just needed to use more words. Maybe you can give him half the WoF
3) My answer is 'better' given how much vanity is involved. Now, I know we're trying to prove to planeteers we're not related, so I understand :)
4) It really hurts me that Alpha was not even close yet I failed to win. And I came out of retirement just for this!


Can you prove Toni wasn't texting Roger? If not, I won. 

TP's answer is, as usual, TP speak. He threw people by saying "not the usual #19" and so people weren't think $19. It turns out it was how close it was to not being #19. Bah!

You're place on the WOF is secure. More secure than Roger's slam record.


Here's proof, txt from Toni:
"Hi Veglia, how are you. Same old with me. Since we hired Alex my job is to go through Xisca's purse, when she's not looking, and replace all pre-poked items with brand new ones. At least until Little Rafa gets to 21. Stay well and say hello to Alpha!"
There :)


So, I did get it right :)


Fake text. Everybody knows that Rafa's coach is Ivan and not Alex.

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