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I think there's no one stopping Nadal now from getting to 22-25 count. His team found a perfect PED and it's smooth sailing now. PED ... what am I talking about??!! No one can convince me that his joints and tendons can endure 15 years of such heavy abuse. No way.

Gary  Lee  Moser

I, for one, will not go on the record in accusing Rafa of PED use.

Having said that...

I've never seen anything like it: where a guy with such a brutally physical style can be forced
on multiple occasions mid-career to take the second half of a season off because his knees are killing him ---
and then, all of a sudden at age 33, no freaking mention of it whatsover.


Its a perfectly legitimate question that even Rafa fans should be asking.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Evelyn Mulwray: "Why is that unusual?"

Jake Gittes: (sympathetic glare) "He died two weeks ago...and one week ago he bought the land. That's unusual."


Chinatown? The sane “legitimate” question can be asked about a 38 year old. Rafa is playing great tennis. Just enjoy it

Gary  Lee  Moser

Enjoyment comes in different forms, no?

[ Imagine no GOAT race for the last 5 years if Roger hadn't proved to be such a mental weakling... ]

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