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Rafa/Novak having two sets of triplets.


Mirka leaving him for Rafa/Novak

Veglia -- I've left the weeks at #1 for you if you come out of retirement. It's the blindingly obvious one and nowadays TP is doing blindingly obvious. Thie weeks was always safe but now almost certainly gone, plus it's Novak, the hated one.


Alpha, you are most generous! How about that hint from TP?

Tennis Planet

Next hint: Europe.


WTA. Europe. Will hurt Fed.

Veglia, it's really obvious now.


Go for it


RF has 310 weeks. Nole 272. Rafa 196. Rafa is most likely to overtake RF in Slam total but can he be number 1 for another 115 weeks -- he's always injured. Nole on the other hand could be number 2 for another 39 weeks to overtake RF but his slam total is a lot less


Nadal getting picked to play for Europe in Laver Cup while RF benched


Serena getting more slams and more weeks at number 1


Clijsters having more kids than him.

Tennis Planet

Last hint: Germany.


Kerber marrying Rafa, and then producing kids who beat his kids in future tournamnets.

Zverev getting a sex change operation and winning more slams than Federer.


come on TP -- put us out of our misery

Tennis Planet

Apologies for delay.


'Monica Seles' strikes Nadal AND the Slam race stat ends @ 20-19.

In other words, Federer turns into Graf - on steroids.

Oh, you think that's NOT worse than getting passed?

Try asking Graf. And that's when the 'certainty' factor of Seles passing Graf was almost non-existent.

Add Federer's ego and GOAT swagger, it will eat him MORE than Nadal passing him.

How about if 'Monica Seles' appears @ Basel? Think that will seal it?


?????? What are you smoking????


I'm guessing even peak Veglia wouldn't have come close to this one.


A very stable genius.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"And that's when the 'certainty' factor of Seles passing Graf was almost non-existent."
Graf led Seles by only 11-9 --- and the latter was still a teenager.


Gary  Lee  Moser

Oops! Make that 11-8.

[ Still worth noting, IMHO ]


😂 no way

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