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AO-Thiem, RG-Nadal, W-Djokovic, USO-Nadal


AO -- Medvedev
FO -- Thiem
W -- Federer
USO -- Zverev


FO- Thiem
W -- Tsitsipas
US --Shapovalov


Or ...
AO - Shapovalov, Andreescu
FO - Shapovalov, Andreescu
W - Raonic, Andreescu
US - Shapovalov, Andreescu

Go Canada!


C'mon, surely Andreescu can't pull of the grand slam. Me thinks Bouchard will win Wimbledon.


what -- don't you like Felix ?


Amen. Good to see some people still have hope for the old man.


Sure do, he is an AA player :)
OK, let's give him US Open

Tennis Planet

Know it's WAY too much to ask from the freaks I am stuck with, but can you move your - finger - one more time and vote again since I added 0 Slams?


Tennis Planet

Isn’t this basic second grade math problem?

There are four Slams and three top three players.

Obviously one Slam will be won by someone else. 4-3=1.

And why will the top three not win their ‘Home’ Slam and risk not winning anything by relying on the last Slam of the year (US Open)?

Deduction: One Slam will be won by someone else and it will be US Open. Duh!!!!!!!

Gary  Lee  Moser

Andy Murray out of next months AO due to pelvic injury.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Nishikori, also [ elbow ].

Gary  Lee  Moser

An NFL aside:

New England Patriots [ "NEP" ] defending Super Bowl Champions...

NEP playing at home...

NEP sporting a 12-4 regular season record to their opponent's 9-7...

NEP only down by one point at half-time...

NEP...freakin' BLANKED in the freakin' second half!!!

[ And it only cost me $6.78 to revel in this result ]

What can I say? 2020 breaking beautifully!

Now...on to the VIKINGS!!!


And somehow no one believed in Djokovic winning the AO. I was so close with Thiem, but happy that Djokovic won in the end.

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