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Fed's draw is sufficiently challenging to prepare him for later matches. Hurkacz scares me.


hmmm---Thiem isn't getting to the quarters.


Rafa has the toughest draw. 3 guys in a row who can really trouble him.

With Roger, I feel good. The legs are rested. No ATP Cup. He should win this :-)


Angie Kerber retired with a back injury in a warmup tourny in Adelaide...with Andreescu out it could be another obstacle for Serena removed if Kerber doesnt play here


Baby federer out

Gary  Lee  Moser

...by the 2nd round in 4 of the last 7 Slams.

Tennis Planet

Is this looking like a 'gift' Slam for Federer?

Either that or the collapse in the semifinal could be some epic thingy.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"collapse in the semifinal could be some epic thingy."
OK...let's project that Fed & Djok meet in the Semi.

And let's further project that Fed WINS said-Semi.

( pause for thought ) --- (( not that a pause is really needed here for anyone being truly objective, AISI ))

Why would that be an "epic thingy" given that, in their last 2 meetings,
Fed (1) beat him and (2) came within one point of beating him?

Gary  Lee  Moser

"Baby federer out"
As is TWS.

[ And I, myself, am only "out" $9.97...so feeling pretty fine, all things considered ]


Roger scratches out an epic win in a tiebreak where he was down 4-8. Forehand abandoned him..still dont know how he pulled this off

Gary  Lee  Moser

By my count, he was 2 points away from victory on no less than 3 occasions BEFORE the 5th set tie-breaker,
then was 2 points from defeat on 4 consecutive points IN the 5th set tie-breaker. Truly remarkable.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Millman is 30 years old.

Coming into this match, he had carded a Grand Slam main-draw career record of 18-19.

Coming into this match, he had notched only one career victory over a top-10-ranked player [ vs Federer in 2018 USO ].

Came within 2 points of a second one here.

So, I find it only natural to ask: Why/How?

[ Or, if you prefer, How/Why? ]

What is there about his game that (seemingly) troubles Federer greatly --- BUT NOBODY ELSE?



I don't know that this really answered your question,but this is what Fed said:

Federer added when asked why the Australian is such a tough opponent for him: “I just think he's just so, so tough from the baseline. He's got sort of good speed on the backhand, on the forehand. The way he hits it makes it, for me, unsure if I should pull the trigger or I shouldn't. Is it there to be hit or not?

“Every time I get a ball, I'm in two (minds) because I have the option to do that with my game, but then he covers the court very well (and) he hits it hard enough, maybe it's harder for me to find angle … he’s a great player.”

Gary  Lee  Moser

Yeah, I read that, too.

But...even if I would agree with each and every one of Roger's specific assessments of Millman's game ---
why haven't all of those fabulous qualities ever translated into success against any of the other top players?

To reprise myself: Hmmm...


Can't remember hearing Fed grunt in the manner he was grunting in during the match against Marton. Will he play any day sessions where the conditions are faster. Even Darren Cahill mentioned that a new company came in and redid the surfaces and they're playing slower. Sigh.


My man Sasha flying under the radar?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Hasn't dropped a set in his 4 matches.


Well...at least until one considers the following:

R1 Opponent: had a Grand Slam Main Draw career record of 5-11 coming in...

R2 Opponent: had a Grand Slam Main Draw career record of 2-2 coming in...

R3 Opponent: a 36-year-old who had a record of 26-27 last year...

R4 Opponent: had a Grand Slam Main Draw career record of 8-10 coming in...

Tennis Planet

Time for someone from the top three to lose - out of fear of facing someone in the next round - penultimate round?

Federer facing Djokovic?

Nadal facing Djokovic?

Nadal facing Federer?

Federer facing Nadal?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Based on RECENT results --- as opposed to overall career history ---
I posit that of the 4 choices you offer up, Nadal would have more reason to "fear" facing Federer, since it's off-clay...

Gary  Lee  Moser


I am really --- REALLY --- getting sick of this Perils Of Pauline act that Roger and/or the Powers-That-Be insist on him doing.


Nice to hear him say he was lucky getting through those match points rather than talking about mental toughness...


Prediction: Stan beats Novak in the finals


I completely agree with this.


Nah. It is not the Stan of old. However Nole has not diminished too much..

Gary  Lee  Moser

Dzumhur set-drop...Seppi forces to 5th...Isner injured...5th again against Medvedev...

Happy for him, but certainly not hiking my expectations any.

Gary  Lee  Moser

In terms of ACHIEVEMENT...is Stanimal the 5th greatest male player of the last 20 years [ literally, 2000-thru-2019 ]?

My quick-and-dirty short-list includes only him, Agassi [ just 2000-forward, remember ], Hewitt, Safin, Roddick & Cilic...


I didn't think Thiem would even get to the quarters at the start of the tourny and he takes out Nadal


So this prediction goes down the drain :) At least my man Sasha continues on. It's a perfect narrative now, The Greatest Generation VS Next Gen. Super exciting, at least for me. Provided Uncle Roger actually shows up for the semis, a 4 set victory for Novak. Then Sasha takes out Thiem also in 4. Novak wins his 17th GS in 3 clean sets, with one tie breaker.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Although I haven't yet become a "big fan" of the Austrian --- mainly on a stylistic level ---
I think we can all agree that, at age 26, his career is in the ascendancy.

Even beyond his very impressive results at the FO over the last 4 years,
he has made it to R4 four times and the Q/F once at HARD-COURT SLAMS in that same time-frame.

So, I can't help but wonder...

Which potential opponent, per the draw-sheet, were you convinced would stop him here?



Anderson. But I guess he's like Stan---not all the way back yet.

Gary  Lee  Moser

But Stan is DECIDEDLY CLOSER to being "all the way back", no? --- currently #15 versus a career high of #3.

[ Whereas with Anderson...#122 versus #5 ]


True that. I'm very disappointed Stan didn't make it to the semi. He's in Nole's head I'm sure.


Thiem beat Nole also but in best of three and courts are different.


Yes and speaking of the courts, can I just say that I'm disgusted that they were resurfaced to be even SLOWER than last year. I remember them changing the U.S.Open to deco-turf to aid Connors back in that era. It would be really nice if we had a major on a faster surface. The WTF will have to do. I know it's called the 5th major (or incorrectly "Slam") but it's not a tourny a non-tennis fan even knows about let alone, watches.

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