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Tennis Planet

Chorect Hanswer:

There is a slim chance that Federer may win another Slam IF everything falls in place (2020 AO draw?) BUT he has to be hunting for it with ballistic intensity to ensure he is able to capitalize if and when that happens.

If you are 38 that intensity gets diluted with even the most marginal 'interference' - forget the 'outside' atmosphere loaded with Nadal and Djokovic.

That intensity is being 'subdued' further by the obvious near-impossible probability of above happening but on the other end the fairly likely possibility of 109 carrot given the obvious implications is making sure Federer is subconsciously 'defeated' even if the 'window' opens up for a Slam.

He wants to get what he can rather than .................


to get to 109 --- enter a couple of 250's

Tennis Planet

Moreover and lessunder, 110 has a fairly realistic chance of 'sticking' for 'top dog' honor. 21 doesn't. Heck, 22 doesn't.

For rock people, Nadal is @ 84 career titles and Djokovic @ 77.

Think that influences the subconscious mind - a little bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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