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Cynthia Dowie

Welcome back TP. That was a short break. Stay Safe Keep Well.

Tennis Planet


It will be intermittent return for sometime.

Cynthia Dowie

Whatever makes you comfortable is fine with us..

WHERE IS Jenny? Can anyone help with an answer. Thanking You.


As far as I know Jenny suddenly stopped posting quite a few years ago. I'm not aware that she was ill and I'm not aware that anyone from her family posted an explanation. TP ????


Wimbleedon to announce next week whether The Championships will be cancelled for the first time since the second world war. Doesn't look promising


Wimbledon officially cancelled.

Quiz question --- what do Roger Federer and I have in common ?


For him it's the last chance, I hope nothing like that for you ...


The unfortunate situation with the covid-19 virus has created the holy grail of GOAT discussions: The What-If

Anyone engaged in GOAT discussions on this wonderful site now has a perfect playground and argument. A perfect storm.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Opening foray:

Neither Pete nor Roger had their Weeks-At-#1 totals inflated by tour-inactivity.



Any idea how this "weeks at #1" is working. Are points (and therefore rankings) frozen or do you lose 2019 points as each tournament passes without being played? Also, how about the weeks at #1 stat. Did it get frozen or just keeps continuing? In short, if tennis doesn't come back this year Novak just adds 52 weeks to being #1. Anybody know?


I am under the impression that ATP hasn't decided yet what the rules are.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Point-freeze or no, it certainly should ultimately play into ND's hands,
given that he's almost 6 years younger than RF and each of the 3 generations behind him continue to suck air...

Cynthia Dowie

Thank you very much Stella for your response to my inquiry of Jenny if any one else can comment I will be very Grateful.

TP, Friends & Members of this post I share the foll:

You know I celebrated 90 years on planet earth on March 21st

There are four persons in our household. On Monday at app 5:00 pm, a female member 50 years old died unexpectedly. An Autopsy was not done therefore cause of death remains unknown. Monday evening her son lost mobility which we thought was due to shock ( which it might have been) shortly afterwards he stated coughing and had a temperature of 104 fr. He spoke with his, Doctor, who advised that He monitor the fever and take Tylenol every five hours, which he did, Monday afternoon, Tuesday thru Wednesday, fever remains despite use of TYLENOL Spoke with Doctor again who recommended that he continue the given regime until Thursday. Since the Doctors recommendation was not controlling the fever we had a discussion with family & friends. A decision was taken and he attended A Urgent Care Center, on examination it was discovered that he had pneumonia and his oxygen level was low. They took Him to A Hospital ER, He tested positive for COVID-19 He is 29. Today Friday he was told that he will be sent home tomorrow Saturday as they need the room. The only change in his condition, temperature down to 99.
How do you contemplate sending home a person with these challenges; Positive COVID-19, A fever, breathing abnormal.

Your opinion, Please. Thanks. More to say later.



I am aghast at what I just read. I am so very sorry. What state are you in?? New York governor Cuomo has been harping on the lack of hospital beds which is why the Army Corps of Engineers was sent in to build auxiliary spots for patients.

My sister's organization shut down in order to have the building used as an infirmary .. I hazard to guess that if he were 69 instead of 29 they would have kept him there.

As for Jenny, she stopped posting some years back and we were very worried but never got closure on this.

Stay strong. I am sorry you are dealing with this. Best wishes to all concerned

Tennis Planet


That was absolutely shocking. This is the first time I have had to hear it from someone I 'know' and was therefore far more devastating.

I admire you for whatever you are 'engaging' to deal with it.

I SO hope and wish if I / we could do something - somehow - to mitigate some of your pain.

Please let me know if you think we can be helpful - in ANY way.

I value your contribution and presence here. You have been here for a long time. You are like family.

Please feel free to post more about your situation if you think it helps you somehow. We will always be there to respond and help.



TP, this is O. I share your feeling that maybe somehow we can help with this situation. I wonder if she would like talking with someone on the planet like me, and that if you could facilitate her or her son to exchange with me email addresses. All the best!

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