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Oh Stella I hope you are managing to have a happy birthday in this crazy world. xoxoxo


Happy Birthday!

Olga Bethune

Stella, because it's late, I hope your Birthday was a Happy one despite the world in a turmoil.



Correction: Murph


Thanks Bettyjane -- had a nice day though packing up to return home 2 weeks early -- then 2 weeks mandatory quarantine . Now today they closed the Canadian border to all except Canadians and Americans.

Are you both well ?


Thanks, I feel old. I hope you are doing your social distancing ?


Hi Murpholga or is it Olgamurph ? Thanks for your good wishes. No party as we are keeping our distance from people, stores and restaurants -- but Hawaiian pizza ( cleaning out the freezer ) and wine on the deck overlooking the water and watching the birds


One time a friend ordered pineapple and green olives pizza. I'm very open and flexible but that was too much!


Glad your home. Yes we are. My main concern is my elderly mom with respiratory issues. She is really missing live tennis!! And Delpo. Best wishes.

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