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Play without fans?

Gary  Lee  Moser

I'm no student of the health issue here, but it kind of surprises me that of ALL the major sports,
tennis at the least hasn't ALREADY done this.

I mean, if "essential" providers of goods and services --- beyond the obvious front-line ones like hospitals ---
such as grocery stores, hardware stores, etc. are operating with numerous precautions in place,
what is preventing a tennis match from being held in a 10,000 or 20,000 seat stadium
where the only necessary human involvement would be the 2 players, a chair umpire, and several ESPN camerapeople?

The PPV revenue would be substantial, if not gargantuan...no?

Tennis Planet

Is it possible Millman could NOW face Djokovic, Nadal or Federer in the opening round @ EVERY tournament he plays for the rest of his life?

ATP is known to 'arrange' that - unashamedly!!!!!!!!!!!


What do you think will happen?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Uh-h-h....well-l-l.....holding as many events with no "live" audience as they possibly can,
thereby making the maximum of bucks via PPV that would accrue from it.

[ I mean, in modern times --- if EVER --- has any big business voluntarily chosen to forego a free income stream? ]


Sounds great Gary!

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