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Gary  Lee  Moser

"the scale could be tipping any moment now"
What form would that take, exactly?

The "transgressions" will never be FORGOTTEN --- witness you recycling Ali's at this late date in making your case for TWS.

And outsized-success, even if it is totally deserved/earned, usually causes the major detractors to just double-down...


It must be a slow sports newsday when we start defending Serena's transgressions. Her ramming of a tennis ball down a diminutive lineswoman's throat comes immediately to mind, to say nothing of her tactics at the U.S. Open final that had social justice warriors, and/or scared liberals applauding motherhood and apple pie and the rest of us dismayed. This should NOT erase the painful racism she's endured, but even folks who put up with despicable hidden and overt forms of racisim/discrimination are also wrong. I put myself in the left of center category for sure, but I don't believe in knee-jerk defense of bad behavior to prove this.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"This should NOT erase the painful racism she's endured, but even folks who put up
with despicable hidden and overt forms of racisim/discrimination are also wrong."
To underscore your point, Bettyjane, there are a BUNCH of African-American athletes who preceded Serena that arguably ---
and I'll argue REAL HARD on this, with whoever might want to go down that path with me ---
had WAY LESS support than Serena has had and, somehow, came out the on other end WAY MORE GRACIOUS!

Jack Johnson? Jackie Robinson? Joe Louis? Muhammad Ali? [ None of whom, AFAIK, had a big NIKE contract at age 22... ]


going back to what you seem to think is the beginning -- the IW incident. I saw it. The sisters were due to play in a semi. It had been much hyped, tickets were sold, TV ratings would have been high, ad rates would have been high. At the last minute a lame excuse was given for pulling out and match abandoned. Much was said about match fixing -- Dad Williams deciding in advance which sister would win . This theory was repeated again when in USO matches play and results just didn't feel right. IMO they went for the racial excuse when it was actually worse --match fixing . Given the circumstances and the hype white players who acted like that would have been criticised too

Gary  Lee  Moser

In Venus's previous match --- presumably the day before --- she waxed Elena Dementiava 6-0, 6-3.

But 24 hours or so later, her "tendinitis" is so bad that she can't even TRY to compete.
[ And she chooses to wait until FOUR MINUTES before the scheduled start of the match to drop this bombshell!?!? ]

Then, a week later, she begins the Miami tournament...and wins 6 straight matches to take the title.

I'm not flat-out calling bullshit here. But is anybody going to insist that this doesn't look HIGHLY SUSPECT?


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