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Veglia, I rarely posted messages but have always enjoyed all of your contributions. Indeed you will be missed and hope your departure is for very good and adventuresome reasons, and especially not because of the wretched virus.

Best wishes and occasionally drop back in.


Gary  Lee  Moser

What Murph/Olga said above, Veglia.

All the best for you in the future.


Gary Lee Moser.... so nice of you to approve my message!


Mandate accepted

Murph, Gary - THANKS!!!


Tee hee. Glad to see you


Just dropped in to check if there were any new words of wisdom from TP.

Veglia, sorry to see you leave. I have really enjoyed our banter. And nobody figured out TP's thoughts like you :-) Enjoy retirement.

TP, time for a HOF. We finally have a chance.


Veglia : Goodbye. You were amazing.


Veglia, all the best to you, you are TP's kindred spirit!

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