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Maybe Federer prefers Rafa getting 20 than Djokovic getting 19 here? Maybe Thiem can feel good about his UO title and beat both Rafa here and hopefully Djokovic lost before the final?


Djokovic is at 17.

I think it’s not impossible for Thiem to beat them both. Nadal and Djokovic are older, clearly past their primes in my opinion, though they’re obviously among the greatest of all time. Thiem would need to perform better than he did at the USO final to accomplish this I think. He almost choked there.


Djokovic was unlucky miss out UO the freak loss and W due to cancellation, with this draw maybe he finally can get lucky. It's hard to protect Federer's 20 now. Stan has parted with coach Norman.

We might be relying on newer players, Thiem, of course. The ugy Tsitsi, I thought was a good player, and I don't know where he is now.


Yes, I agree. New generation now for the most part. Stan can beat any of the three goats if he is playing his absolute best, and that's a huge if. I don't think any of these older players are playing their absolute best ever again, including Djokovic. The thing is Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are so great that they don't need to play their best to contend. But, realistically, Federer is done (I wouldn't be surprised at all if he still won W one more time, but I don't expect that), and older Djokovic is still stronger than everyone else.

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