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Here is why Osaka and Thiem each pulled off a comeback win. Both are better single-handed players, Osaka's double handed BH is great. When you are a great single handed player, you take full advantage of your talents. If looks to me that Sasha and Vika may have more talent than Thiem and Osaka respectively, but wasted their talent a little bit by being a strict double hander, and relying on talent.

Can Sasha win a slam? maybe? Being a double hander, probably no one will ever surpass Djokovic in talent or technique or achievement? Djokovic is the ultimate double handed player.


I think strict doubled play make players bitter. Agassi was very bitter because he'd lose to Pete in most slams. Djokovic may be the most talented player ever, even he might be quite bitter despite what his accomplishments.


I hate double handed backhands. I can’t enjoy watching players that play double hander no matter how good they are.


Is Mowigli going to get 14 at a single slam? and catch Federer's 20 slams?

Gary  Lee  Moser


[ But he may very well get a 13th to "catch"...and a 14th to SURPASS ]


13th to catch wow! 13th is supposed to be difficult numerically? Let's see if we get another chance to try to dethrone Rafa in a FO title match for the first time?


Likely. With the mental wreck display at US Open by the middle gen and Next gen and the to be coming up gen, Raf may win 3 or more RG. Novak will clean up with 25 or more slams. Like Ddarth, he feeds on hate and that will drive him to get everything.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"25 or more slams" would LITERALLY be everything --- definitely past Margaret Court, and most likely past Serena as well.

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