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Busta is actually really impressive now. Looks like the new Ferrer I guess. Very tough to play against if you don’t have your game together. But, like the old Ferrer, I don’t think it’s quite enough to win a slam. Thiem seems to be on fire. Really good stuff.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"Looks like the new Ferrer I guess."
PRO: 5 more inches of height and 11 more pounds of (presumably) muscle.

CON: Already age 29, with little to show --- although Ferrer was also somewhat of a late-bloomer.


Didn’t know he was taller. He still looks rather small compared to, say, Djokovic. So maybe he’s closer to Davydenko? I’m not sure. The point is he’s a beast from the baseline, super consistent with great groundstrokes but nothing utterly devastating like a Federer forehand or a Wawrinka backhand.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"So maybe he’s closer to Davydenko?"
Nope --- he was 5-10 and 158.

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