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I think Norman was a very good coach, who coaches Stan to three slams.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Does coach "X" ever REALLY propel player "Y" to however-many Slams?
[ Or did "Y" win that many Slams no matter who would've been their coach at the time? ]

Can't help remembering something I read in my formative years about Hector "Toe" Blake,
who "coached" the Montreal Canadiens to 8 Stanley Cup wins in a 13-year span ---
a less-than-reverent Sports Illustrated writer implied that there was such talent on those teams
that a fashion-model on a Bermudian beach could've achieved pretty much the same results. Ha!


Big talents wasted years and years not winning titles, but the right coaches would enable them.

Lendl for M?
Becker for D?
Norman for S?
Phil for S-K?

Gary  Lee  Moser

What we know for sure is that Novak had already won 6 Slams by YE 2013 when Becker came on board;
whereas Murray and Wawrinka each had ZERO before being joined by Lendl & Norman, respectively.

[ As for "Phil for S-K?"......WHO for WHO? ]


Shack and Kobe?

Gary  Lee  Moser


Seeing as how you made an unannounced wholesale shift from individual-sport to team-sport ---
the latter allowing for the improvement of the SUPPORTING CAST as distinct from just the coaching ---
I see this as a distant (VERY) 4th in your examples...and hence one I wouldn't have guessed in a week's time.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Even before his career was over, Sugar Ray Robinson was
almost universally regarded as the greatest pound-for-pound boxer of all time.

And his manager, George Gainsford, did not hesitate to take inordinate credit for it.

Finally, some enterprising [ wise-acre? ] sports reporter hit him with:
"George, you've managed DOZENS of fighters. How come they didn't ALL turn out like Sugar Ray?"

History does not record a reply from Mr. Gainsford.

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