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Just one factor, Federer. We can give other titles to Rafa and Djokovic? For Rafa, he is some kind of supreme longevity king? For Djokovic universal talent of all species?

Gary  Lee  Moser

If I was going to limit it to five,
I would substitute WEEKS WITH #1 RANKING for MS1000 titles.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Addendum to my own comment:

014 Slams
286 Weeks at #1
011 MS1000 titles

[ And in the very same era, no less ]

001 Slam
006 Weeks at #1
007 MS1000 titles


The GOAT race should be about popularity and strictly personal preference, because the numbers cancel each other out. For example, Djokovic should be GOAT because he won the most contested title matches. He won W after going two mps down. Federer is GOAT because he even played a match like that after beating Rafa, after he is old and has won 8 already. Rafa has 13 FOs and counting. It's hard to differentiate between them and I have them at joint GOAT.

Gary  Lee  Moser

20-17, Roger.

And two of Novak's 17 are due to Roger not closing out double-match-point-on-his-own-serve opportunities.
[ Name just ONE other instance in modern tennis history when this has happened between two GOAT candidates ]

So...we could just as easily be looking at 21-15 Roger.

So...due to that, find myself unable to get behind Novak as GOAT.

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