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Gary  Lee  Moser

[ ...and I always liked Boris as a player ]

Just how-the-freakin'-hell can anybody this successful/popular
wind up in a financial/legal mega-predicament like this?

Gary  Lee  Moser

And, as a purely-tennis corollary:

How can ANY "immortal" --- male or female ---
have 2 Wimbledon titles under their belt on their 19th birthday...and wind up with only 3?


point two had me looking at the stats and he made 4 finals that he lost to Edberg (twice) Stich and Sampras.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Don't get me wrong, making 7 Finals at the same Slam is nothing to sneeze at.

It's just that on someone's 19th birthday, with 2 Wimby wins tucked away,
you probably could get 1000-to-1 odds that if he played that tournament 12 more times [ which Boris did ],
he would end his career with more than a total of 3 wins.

The straight-set loss to Stich really stands out from the other 3.
True, Boris wasn't at his absolute best there in 1991, losing 3 sets on his way to the Final.
But Stich wasn't exactly a holy terror either, losing 5 sets before facing Becker.

Interestingly, Boris was 3-0 in hard-court Slam Finals.

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