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Rafa shows no sign of decline at FO? He'll continue to chip away from Federer and Djokovic? In the finals Rafa has huge advantage. If we select the best contender, say Thiem to just play one match, he may not have much chance beating Rafa at FO. After going through the draw, Rafa is almost unbeatable. Maybe he is aiming at 20 FOs? Maybe that will hurt Federer and Djokovic even more?

Gary  Lee  Moser

FO: Rafa 13, Novak & Roger 02

WI: Rafa 02, Novak & Roger 13

AO: Rafa 01, Novak & Roger 14

YE: Rafa 00, Novak & Roger 11

The only relatively-level hunting ground has been the US: Roger 5, Rafa 4, Novak 3


Federer Rafa Djokovic AO 15
Federer Rafa Djokovic FO 15
Federer Rafa Djokovic WI 15
Federer Rafa Djokovic UO 12

They need to win more UOs?


The best thing to Federer Rafa and Djokovic to do is to pool their trophies together and divide equally. They can have % AO FO WI each, and 4 UOs each. That means four career slams each.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"That means four career slams each"
And on the ladies side --- without pooling:

02 Evert

02 Navratilova

03 Court

03 Williams

04 Graf

Tennis Planet

Here's more:

H2H against Nadal @ Roland Garros:

Federer: 0-6.

Djokovic: 1-7.

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