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Tennis Planet

Nadal has won four - THREE straight - years.............OVER Federer - meaning either Federer has turned less sportsmanlike in old age or Nadal has not.

That's despite Djokovic hugging the crap out of opponents at the net after the match with his hand over their necks while whispering obscenities about Federer and Nadal.

Gerard Faulkner

Well, I totally understand why Novak has never received a sportsmanship of the year award. However, I don't understand why the imbalance in this award is so disparate between Nadal and Federer, where it should be even or possibly more in Nadal's favour. So, there is definitely a flaw in their voting system. As for the GOAT debate, using five as the minimum number of Sportsman of the year award, that is a very arbitrary number, especially with the errant system that allows for the disparate vote counting system that is obviously inherent in their algorithm or whatever they use, when one looks at the parallel and impossible to split careers both Nadal and Federer have both achieved. Change and correct the algorithm, which obviously contains bias, then you would be looking at equally distributed awards for Nadal and Federer. Once this is achieved then, it sure could be used in tandem with other tennis achievements, including the number of grand slams each player has won throughout their careers, their career win/loss record in Masters 1000 events, possibly consider each players best three winning streak percentages on all surfaces combined and averaged out., this would be important in those careers that are longer than another player's. So, obviously with Novak, not being voted as a sportsman of the year to date, understandably, this coupling of tennis career factors will omit Novak (so far) from being considered a GOAT candidate, because a genuine GOAT has to not only have an awesome career on court but all other on court behaviours and off court behaviours need to be combined. An instance of why this is necessary, if Kyrgios hypothetically had realised his potential and won 15 or 16 or more Grand slams, his on court behaviour would detract anyone from elevating him to GOAT status, as great as his hypothetical career results could have been and in reality Novak's tennis is. Also, historically, Laver and statistically Borg would be already confirmed GOAT's. Federer and Nadal will sit alongside both Laver and Borg when their career's wrap up. They are already imho. There can be more than one GOAT, as the era's they played in, the technological advances in equipment they played with and other significant historical factors, like when in the case of the Australian Open was played, is a significant difference and the surfaces played on across the 4 slams. The status of amateur versus professional and the prize money incentives are also significant factors. So, there you go; Laver, Borg, Federer and Nadal to date are the GOAT's of tennis. Novak, will be, should his end of career stats supersede both Nadal and Federer due to his lack of sportsmanship qualities will definitely be an honourable mention.

You can see why Edberg and Rafter and other player's won this award multiple times and these qualities they universally won over crowds around the world with. qualities, Novak lacks, he predominantly just wins the fervour of his Serbian fans, not universal crowds.

Gary  Lee  Moser

[ Taking tennis out of it for a moment... ]

[ Taking popularity out of it for the same moment... ]

For me, it's as simple as understanding the difference between "the" and "one of the".

The latter, by itself, is unclear at best and meaningless at worst,
because if you say so-and-so is "ONE OF THE greatest boxers of all time",
do you mean one of the TEN greatest [ then only a maximum of 9 others are as good or better ]?
Or do you mean one of the HUNDRED greatest [ along with as many as 99 others ]?
Or one of the THOUSAND greatest [ 999 others ]? Not very helpful.

AFAIK, the acronym GOAT was first applied to Muhammad Ali.

During his middle and late career, the consensus among boxing writers and historians and learned fans
was that Ali was without a doubt ONE OF THE greatest heavyweight champions of all time,
but not CLEARLY better than, say, Johnson, Dempsey, Louis, Marciano, et al.

After his career was over, however, the consensus shifted to Ali being BETTER ---
if only slightly in one or more cases --- than any of his illustrious forerunners.

So, the obvious solution is to resolve to never again employ GOAT, but instead choose between TGOAT and OOTGOAT.

[ Obvious...but I'm willing to bet it won't happen. ]

Tennis Planet

Does Nadal winning last three straight years suggest some rats jumping the ship realizing No. 20 is GOING to get eclipsed?

What's that 'saluting to the rising sun' thingy?

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