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It has to be Federer beat Rafa in 2017 final?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Ummmm, even taking 2017 AO RvR out of this particular equation for a moment:

How can any rational person or personage put the following 2 in the same all-time AO Top-10?

#9 Rod Laver defeating Tony Roche in 5 tough sets to make it to a Final where he completed a 2nd Career GS...


#7 Mark Edmondson winning his first-and-only GS to stymie John Newcombe from ending with 8 instead of 7?


I would include the 2005 AO semifinal Safin vs Federer.

Gary  Lee  Moser

And, upon further examination, I would EXclude #3: Capriati defeating Hingis in the 2002 Final.

Martina, after having won 5 of the first 7 GS Finals she appeared in,
had lost FOUR GS FINALS IN A ROW --- including the LAST 2 AUSTRALIAN --- going into the the 2002 AO tournament.

She then proceeded to play in exactly 1 of the next 15 Slams held.

Jennifer, OTOH, was appearing in the THIRD Grand Slam Final of her very self-interrupted career ---
and even though she was only 26 years old, would never make it to another.


JC ends up with 3 instead of 2, while MH ends up with 5 instead of 6.

Hardly mind-stirring stuff on an all-time level...or am I missing something?

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