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Rafa might as well go straight to clay after AO? He'd breeze to #21 at FO? If Rafa gets 21, maybe he can try to stop Federer and Djokovic from getting there?


If Someone can knock Rafa out of the top two ranking, it would mean a lot to challenge slam titles for young players?


I think for some reason, Rafa may be better off to be ranked lower that #2. I think lower ranking will not affect him winning more FOs, but could help him prevent Djokovic from winning more slams?

Gary  Lee  Moser

If Tiger can be greater than Jack despite trailing by 3,

then I'll continue to sleep well knowing the same "logic" can be applied to Roger, if necessary... :->


Djokovic could have been sitting on 19 if he avoided the line judge?

Gary  Lee  Moser

And could have been sitting on only 16 if Roger had converted both
double-match-point-on-his-own-serve situations in 2011 USO SF and 2019 Wimby F...

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