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Very helpful info.Thanks!

Gary  Lee  Moser


Plenty of Ms. Ryan's contentions throughout I either question or outright disagree with,
but her final few sentences summing up Serena contain the absolute topper:

"Sure, at some point she'll retire. Well, probably.
(I mean, Venus is 40 and, injuries aside, she's not slowing down.)
But how about right now, we just appreciate this history-making greatness
while we have it in front of us, serving up aces with her daughter in the crowd."

Venus is "not slowing down"?

In the last 12 Slams she's entered, she has been bounced 7 times in the first round,
2 times in the second and 3 times in the third. HASN'T GOTTEN INTO THE SECOND WEEK IN THREE YEARS.

If it's because of "injuries", then the injuries --- almost certainly AGE-related --- are slowing her down.

And if it's NOT because of "injuries"...an even more nonsensical assertion, no?


Venus hasn't been impressive on a non-grass surface for years and her performance against Muguruza at Wimbledon (getting bageled in the second and final set) was memorable mostly for how she lost her will after losing that first set. I always feel for her,with "the syndrome" and the Richard Williams preference for his younger daughter.

The remark that Ms.Ryan made that rather jumped out at me
"I want a rematch with Osaka and another chance to see two Black women athletes at the top of their game going head-to-head. "

Gary  Lee  Moser

Ahhh..."the syndrome":

Diagnosed during the 2011 USO...

In the first dozen Slams after that, she was 0-for-12 in making it past the 4th round...

In her NEXT dozen Slams, she was 6-for-12 in making it past the 4th round, including 2 losing Finals...

And in her MOST RECENT dozen Slams since that, she has been 0-for-12 in making it past the 3rd round...

Strangely in-and-out, no?

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