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Djokovicism: everybody in tennis, everything in the world is OWNED by Djokovic. Nadal is no exception to Djokovic? Federer is no exception to Djokovicism?


Double career slam?

Gary  Lee  Moser

And --- even if/after he rolls over Tsit --- third place in # of Slam wins in his own generation
means his top two rivals have been.................."OWNED"?!?!?!?!

[ You do realize, I hope, that if the outcome of TWO points in the Fed-Djok rivalry were changed,
their Slam count differential would stand at 21-16 instead of the current 20-18 ----- right? ]


Which TWO points? I think I know one?

Gary  Lee  Moser

POINT #!: either of the two match points Roger had, on his own serve, in the 2011 USO Semi-Final.

POINT #2: either of the two match points Roger had, on his own serve, in the 2019 Wimbledon Final.


Thanks Gary. Djokovic won two slams from MPd down to Federer? Did he also win slams from MPs down to others? Hope Federer can win a few more slams now? I don't think he needs to play on clay so much?


GOAT was claimed before this itself. Matter of time to surpass 20. I wonder if anyone can stop a Grand slam this year. He who should not be named is defending champ at wimby and they are letting go of linesman/woman at US open.


No, I really don't know what you're talking about.

And he's got nothing against Federer on grass now. He was lucky to win W in 2019. Bring it on Djokovic. Federer is waiting for you and looking forward to this match I'm sure.


The W watch between Federer and Djokovic may have been the best match I have ever seen. I certainly welcome an even more improved match between Federer and Djokovic at W, hopefully in a title match. To me, Djokovic did show more talent, his forehand was unforgettable, but how on earth did Federer get so close to winning when being killed on the forehand side? I hope Federer can revenge that match? that would be something supreme? It's certainly possible now Djokovic will reach and even surpass 20 fairly quickly from here now?

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