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Djokovic is enjoying a great advantage in the race now obviously, Some talented player has to hire some great coaches - Becker? Agassi? Conners? Norman? and Lendl? to be able to compete? has that happened yet?


Federer and Sampras never wanted to coach? maybe they should reconsider? Looking back, what a great match Federer played against Djokovic? Without meaningful resistance, Djokovic can break the winbledon record too?


Weak Era isn't it. Lost Gen (Murray Stan), Next Gen which never happened (Nishikori, Cilic, baby Fed), Current Gen which does not know how to win and love their FB/Instgrams(Tse Tse, Shap )

No one to provide resistance . How much Fed and Rafa can provide. Remember Rafa started at 17 in 2005 .

To credit Novak he kept his nose to grind. But he is a grinder and all time great returner and point constructor. Eventually history will regard him as GOAT as no one will remember the competition, surrounding, style etc. Does any one know Pancho Gonzalez ? No. It will be no. of slams won which will provide the ratings and Novak will break everything.

Come September he will have the one thing no male player has done in 52 years.


Rafa can provide some meaningful resistance if he fires it up and win a few more FOs. As of the current situation, Rafa may have forever lost the opportunity to set a new slam record? Had he won FO, He would have had a lead at 21-20-18? Now looking at history, we had Pete, then we had Federer, next we probably have Djokovic setting a new record almost everywhere except FO?

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