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Honestly this terrific run of Fernandez exposes the very thing Djoker has been discussing---everyone has great shots---but it becomes mental more than anything. I saw most of these matches and Naomi honestly just imploded --particularly with her forehand at the end of that first upset, and really beat herself in that match and if she wasn't going through this public mental crisis and the press not pushing the teenage story so much, that might have been stressed more. Couple this with the overwhelming crowd support for Laylah, pressure on the established player which is huge and Sabalenka's epic yet predictable mental epic breakdown which you just KNEW would occur--let's be real about this, and none of this was extremely shocking to me.

Who will the New York crowd pull for??

Gary  Lee  Moser

Thank you for your clear distinction between "terrific run"...
and "none of this was extremely shocking to me."

Extremely shocking should be reserved for, say, the 1979 U S Open run of Tracy Austin where.
at 16 years and 9 months of age, she straight-setted #2 seed Martina Navratilova in the Semi-Final
and then straight-setted #1 seed Chris Evert in the Final.

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