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Gary Lee

Arguably, a great-looking couple.


Does anybody really need to see THREE ENLARGEMENTS OF THE SAME PHOTO
[ OK...in the second one she's glancing sideways, instead of looking straight ahead ] of a tennis pairing
featuring a 24-year-old ATPer who has made it past the 4th round in only 2 out of 26 GS Main Draws
and a 25-year-old WTAer who has never been ranked higher than 680 in Singles or 467 in Doubles ---
and both of those were achieved in 2015?

I mean...really.

Tennis Planet


It's an 'implied' spot the mistake / difference contest!!!!!!!!!!

For instance, her eyelids are not showing in the first but is in the second!!!!!!!!!!!

Or you can see both her feet in the first but just one in the third!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Etc, etc...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There CAN be no other reason for posting identical picturings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Frances looks so genuinely happy. Hope she's nice---my mother loves him!!

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