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That is too funny !!


Many of the players parents/g/f's don't choose to sit in the official boxes. Maybe they prefer to stay out of camera shot.


Classic example was the folks of Pete Sampras. They were just simply too nervous to watch him at many of his finals. Most famously, when he won the 1990 USO, his folks were out shopping. His mother saw the result via a TV in a shop. There is legend to this that when someone at the shop confirmed Pete had won, she noted that Pete was her son. The person gave the "yeah, right lady... if that was your son, you would be there..." kinda response.

Didn't really screw up Pete too much though...Roger has done a great job so far at this ... hehe.


Didn't really screw up Pete too much though
No it didn't and neither should it.


"No it didn't and neither should it."

Yep, agreed Jenny.

I just love reading TP's self-righteous, know-it-all, whatever they say is "gospel", posts.

I am just continually astounded at how well he knows the exact thoughts and emotions of players, especially Roger and Pete. Almost like he is Lois Lane to their Superman... you know, where he has the "exclusive" access to bring us the scoop :-)

I should hope that TP does not moonlight as a not a psychologist, as I would hold grave fear for any of the patients :-)


I love TP's posts of that nature too, even if I do read and sometimes shake my head!

I knew my parents loved us, were proud but undemonstrative. They couldn't attend all of the competitions I entered [swimming] or prize giving. Did I feel I missed out, absolutely not, I wanted to win for me.

"I should hope that TP does not moonlight as a not a psychologist, as I would hold grave fear for any of the patients :-)"

LOL Stop it, o/c!!


I think having them there for every match is even stranger. Novak's parent's need a freaking life.


And Sod seems a little too much into "jenny" to care for his parents:)


I think overcaff has a point.Most of them are nervous;maybe they're just regular folks TP who don't want to be under the spotlight and get all nervous and distract their ward when he/she is playing an(the most) important match.

My thoughts right now are about Birdman's parents at Wimbledon. I remember them talking to each other and I thought to myself maybe they're too nervous. Birdman is such a replica of his mom.


Hi Banti, I did post a reply to you which disappeared into the ether! Just to say, I loved and respected my parents very much, They were my role models and I still miss them. I'm sure Robin cares too. As said previously, our mother couldn't attend all our school stuff as a working widow. She was also very shy and private, but we knew she was always there for us with her strength and love.


Your probably right Jenny. Its just the French final and now this, makes me think T.P. may have a point. They may just be nervous folk who would have needed treatment after that final.

dimwitted recluse

generally, it seems, if parents are attending in duo, they retain about them a discreet, almost apologetic air - notable exception, Djokovic (although they have toned down). It's when you get just one of them you that it gets interesting

Jimmy Connors' mum now, she used to take her place, plumped solidly on her seat and exuding a general sense of eagle-eyed scrutiny. As Junior battled away on the court, she would look on adoringly but with just a hint of a glint in her eye (one could imagine Jimmy occasionally directing an alarmed look up in her direction, after he had double-faulted, say). But generally, as Jimmy went about his business of grinding his opponent into the dust, Momma could be seen complacently popping a large sweetie into her gob, giving little away, but clearly spiritually at one with her dear one. And then one day, she just disappeared. That dominating presence was no more.

McEnroe was another. This time, it was Daddy, large, authoritative and a trace of a contemptuous scowl marking his jowly features as - unavoidably - he found himself squeezed in amongst the hoi polloi. As John spun his magic, something very like a smile would momentarily replace the scowl -it was a subtle movement, one is bound to say, so you couldn't be certain. And when John got into ranting and screaming mode, Poppa would look on stolidly, as if this were none of his business but - and more to the point - not the business of anyone else in the stands, either. And then, one day, he disappeared too. The way these single parents just vanished, never to be seen again, did, inevitably, raise certain questions in one's mind...


DR, was McEnroe's dad his coach too? I can't remember.
I have no problem with parents getting excited in the player's box and cheering on their kids during matches, it's endearing. But parents have no business making any statements to the press about other athletes, especially about the opponents their child is going to face, or get involved in an argument with an umpire or even yell out stuff from the stands to the other player ("be quiet, ok?" - Roger Federer).
Also, when the parents are also the coaches, it can get complicated. I can't stand seeing Wozniacki's dad or, even worse, Bartoli's dad, getting all pissy when their daughters make a bad shot instead of encouraging them to continue with a little nod or a smile.


Thanks, dr - I enjoyed reading your descriptive comment.

I totally agree with Sol about parents who make provocative remarks about other athletes, it isn't classy, or sporting. Judy Murray gets very excited watching her son, but she NEVER says anything disrespectful about Andy's opponents.

Maria's father got very 'pissy' when his daughter was in trouble, he left the stadium, not nice or supportive. I think Nole's father did it at one time too.

dimwitted recluse

Sol, no I don't think so. He was quite a high powered businessman wasn't he? Funnily enough, I believe Jimmy Connors' mum coached him.
b.t.w., surely it was Federer who told Djokovic's parents to shut up - which caused a lot of self-righteous tut-tutting among certain anti-Feds, but I thought was rather funny, on several counts - one of them being that Fed is by no means the smoothly proper character he is sometimes taken for.
Yes, some of these women players' dads are pretty horrific - and I have to say make me squirm a bit, in retrospect. This business of living vicariously through the success of your child (Docic, Sharapova) - I am personally familiar with that particular atrocity, and I can truly report it is counter-productive. The child knows, resents it in some inchoate manner, and proceeds to punish both the parent and (what is far worse) himself with self-sabotage. A natural gift becomes a burden. You just hope the pieces can be picked up later and put together again.


dw: "The child knows, resents it in some inchoate manner, and proceeds to punish both the parent and (what is far worse) himself with self-sabotage. A natural gift becomes a burden. You just hope the pieces can be picked up later and put together again...."
Not that I've ever been put in that position, but I think I would resent it and rebel too. I used to train Labradors and the 'iron fist in the velvet glove' treatment always produced the better result without resentment or fear, same applied to our son!

dimwitted recluse

it's complicated. Music. That can be such a tricky one in all sorts of ways. This probably not an appropriate site to elaborate.


@dimwit: Nope, you got this one wrong.McEnroe's dad (and mom) were always there. I even saw his mom at a Davis Cup match when Patrick was coaching. They were terribly present and supportive.


@dimwit: I believe Fed told Nole's mom to,"be quiet" not "shut up." It is a little nicer. LOL


I believe you're correct, Ricke. Imo, the umpire should have stepped in, Roger beat him to it!

dimwitted recluse

happy to receive your correction, DSG. You have to remember that in those pre-digital days, we in England only ever saw McEnroe at Wimbledon and Queens (and once at RG final). Then, it was indeed Poppa who was on show. If Momma was there also, she must have been hiding.


Hey, another Brit, dr?!


LOL dr, another Brit?! We were indeed very limited in those days, it was all down to the Beeb.


TP, I don't know about other friends, but I'm still having problems posting on some thread, eg the above only appeared after a long delay, others haven't aoppeared at all.

dimwitted recluse

jenny, I did go by the name grendel. Don't know why - just thought I'd experiment. dimwitted recluse was actually a Chinese scholar in the early 19th century, who adopted the name "dimwitted etc" quite playfully. Trouble is, everyone says dr, and I have trouble remembering who that is - so I might have to switch again.


LOL Hi dr Grendel - nice to see you! Actually, I like Grendel. I thought we had added another Brit to our ranks!


Uh, Grendel... you seem to be less bitter as Grendel. Perhaps you should use that name again.



dimwitted recluse

DSG - there's no bitterness. I see humour where you don't, that's all. I'm rather fond of the Royal family in a funny sort of way - and its deep absurdity is part of its appeal. There are worse things than being absurd - just look around you...

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