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Gary  Lee  Moser



So, again:

Rea-hilllll-lyyyyy? [ admittedly a very weak text replication of Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura.....but I'm not a comedic genius ]

I can only speak for myself but, no matter who's weighing in, shouldn't a "if I could change one result" regret be a combination of
a hugely important tournament and --- AND --- a performance where you were ON THE CUSP OF WINNING --- but disappointingly didn't?

Murray won the first set...then got WAXED in sets 2 & 3 [ 1-6, 2-6 ]...before succumbing 4-6 in a solid-but-unspectacular set 4.

Compare this scenario, if you will, to any of the following:

Roger being 2 points away from a 6th consecutive Wimby title...

Roger being 2 points away from a 6th consecutive USO title...

Roger being 2 points away from a 3rd consecutive WTF title on the way to what might well have played out to 5 consecutive & 7 overall...

Roger being 1 point away [ in the form of 2 consecutive match point opportunities on his own serve ] from an 8th Wimby title...

P.S. --- a key factor in Murray picking this loss was "because clay was such a tough surface for me throughout my career."
My BULLSHIT DETECTOR [ i.e. --- merely looking at his Wikipedia page ] says that BEFORE 2016,
he had made it to THREE French Open Semi-Finals and TWO other French Open Quarter-Finals.
Pete Sampras and Stefan Edberg should've had it so freakin' good!!!


Djokovics Adria Tour events cancelledafter Dimitrov, Coric, a coach and a trainer test positive for Covid 19 ---- after partying, nightclubbing, basketball playing and basically showing no common sense with a virus around.


Gary  Lee  Moser

Interesting article on the great modern-era rivalries:


Was particularly taken by this stat:

"The most intriguing matchups — Martina vs. Chrissie, Roger vs. Rafa and both vs. Novak, Pete vs. Andre,
Serena vs. Venus, John vs. Jimmy and both vs. Bjorn, no last names necessary — all include at least one Wimbledon final."

9 out of 9.


Only 4 out of 9 at the FO...5 out of 9 at the AO...7 out of 9 at the USO.

[ Totals per tournament: 23 at Wimb...11 at the FO...10 at the AO...15 at the USO ]


Hi all. Not sure if this will be seen -- TP, can you make it obvious please ? To those of you who know Olga ( aka Murph ) I've just heard that she had a stroke last weekend. At present she is in the ICU in a hospital in Stanford. Her neighbour is her health contact,and sees her each morning. She says her brain is fully functioning and she is improving. If you want to send her a message you can write it on this thread and I will copy and paste it to send to her or you may send it directly to my e mail stellajim@rogers.com


Wishing Murph speedy and full recovery. Lots of prayers and wishes and love. Get back to normal.

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